High School Freshman Killed by Police on Father’s Day

Chicago Shooting

A Chicago policeman shot and killed high school Freshman Michael Westley during a foot chase in the South Side Englewood neighborhood.

Officers reported hearing shots fired in the 6600 block of South Sangamon Street. The officers, members of a gang crime unit, saw three people running and gave chase resulting in Michael Westley being shot.

Pat Camden, union spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, said the boy had been carrying two weapons; a 40 caliber handgun and a revolver tucked into his waistband. It was reported the runner in the chase pointed a gun at officers warranting return fire in a preliminary statement from the Chicago police.

It is noted that the officers, leaving their car, chased one of the runners down Sangamon Avenue in a preliminary statement by police. Authorities stated the teen boy, Michael Westley, matched a description that was issued of the suspects which alerted them to give chase.

Witnesses present during the shooting stated they had not seen Michael Westley holding a gun.

The shooting followed an early morning police-involved shooting that day of a 24-year-old man in the Lawndale neighborhood. The young man died as a result of that Sunday morning encounter with officers. Critics view the shootings as not a coincidence; two young black men, to include high school student Michael Westley were killed by police on Father’s Day.

Family members identified Michael Westley’s body and the Cook County medical examiner’s office officially certified the identity.

“Westley was a high school freshman,” said Irea Martion, 32, aunt of the deceased.

Relatives were stunned by the news. Niyah Lewis, Westley’s cousin, said the shooting occurred just after the boy had been throwing a football during a Father’s Day gathering at his grandmother’s house.

Lewis stated that police have not been forthcoming with the family about the details of the shooting.

Camden stated officers did not sustain injuries in the melee. It was not made known by police if any other suspects were taken into custody at the shootings location.

Police will review video from a blue-light camera near the corner of Sangamon and West 66th Street to see if any footage of the shooting was captured on film.

The killing of the high school freshmen by police on Father’s Day has the family seeking questions. The Independent Police Review Authority, which examines officer-involved shootings, has started investigations into Sunday night’s shooting incident.

By Thomas Barr

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