HIV or Hepatitis B the risk of tattooing

HIV or Hepatitis B by Tattooing

Inking or tattooing is not new. From remote past people had ornamented themselves in ink wonders, and lately it has become a craze! The fever of tattooing went so far that now is impossible to find a person without a little bit ink magic. Ironically getting ink can be dangerous since it activate transmitting disease like HIV or Hepatitis B.

The needle goes on pinching your body, itching out the drawing of your dream only to give you pains, so pain is for sale in the name of tattooing. If that very ink sub-consciously goes into your blood stream or mistakenly mixes up with blood, you will get ready to be inked in different way. It may invite a number of diseases passively, resulting in minor to major infections.

Transmitting diseases like HIV or Hepatitis B; can be prevented by sterilizing the needle. But most of us ignore the needle facts or ink fusions in craze of getting tattooed for the first time. As the ink goes into the dermis of skin, scientists say, “It is perilous for skin sometimes.”

Erasing of tattoos is another story to tell. We may see the cheap advertisements of beauty clinics assures to erase tattoos, but hidden danger invites you permanently with it. Laser treatment is the only road to erase “not-favorite-anymore” tattoos. A tween said after erasing his tattoo, “It affected my skin badly.”

Tattoos or piercings local anesthetics are major item to keep aloof the pain….and often that’s not enough. If we go through so much pain to get inked or get pierced, why can’t we use the fake ones? In fact false studs or barbells or temporary tattoos are nothing less than natural ones! Magnetic piercings are here to look offbeat where metal remains on one side, magnet the other.

We must be style conscious, but not affecting our body. You can wear a tattoo, but a tattoo should not wear you. It’s a modern society and we don’t have rituals of┬átribal┬áto get inked at certain stage. We must keep ourselves safe and sound even if it needs fake jewelry. We shouldn’t get ‘ironically inked’.

2 Responses to "HIV or Hepatitis B the risk of tattooing"

  1. Paul Berge   June 2, 2013 at 9:35 am

    This article really says nothing accurate about the risks of getting tattooed. The idea that “most of us ignore the needle facts or ink fusions in craze of getting tattooed for the first time.” is nonsense. Getting a tattoo in a reputable shop carries an extremely low risk.

    The pain is not nearly as bad as you are making it sound and local anesthetics are rarely used in tattooing.

    Was any research done before the writing of this article, or was it all just made up?


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