Illegal Drug Trade Must Stop United Nations Said (Video)

Illegal Drug Trade Must Stop United Nations said (video)

Illegal Drug Trade Must Stop United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban ki Moon said: “illegal drug trafficking is a clear obstacle to development and called for a robust and coordinated law enforcement response within and among countries.”

“All over the world, drugs threaten the health and welfare of youth and children, families and communities, and the billions of dollars generated by the drugs trade feed corruption, enhance the power of criminal networks and create fear and instability.”

He spoke about his visit to the Patrignano Drug Rehabilitation Center in northern Italy in a message to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The facility houses 1,200 young women and men from 28 countries who are learning to free themselves from “the curse of addiction and enjoy dignified and productive lives.

“Farmers dependent on the cultivation of illicit drugs such as coca, marihuana and opium must be offered alternative livelihoods, while drug users and addicts need help not stigmatization,” he said.

“We must also address threats such as the emerging problem of new psychoactive substances, many of which are not under international control. Young people, in particular, must be made aware of the dangers of these drugs,” he said.

The United Nations General Assembly decided by resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987, to observe 26 June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the theme for this year is “Make health your ‘new high’ in life, not drugs.”

About illegal drug trade: “One thing the American government has not done is to prosecute the largest banks in the world for supporting the drug cartels by washing billions of dollars of their blood stained money. As narc sphere journalist Bill Conroy has observed, banks are where the money is, in the global drug war.”

Charles A. Intriago, president of the Miami-based Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists has observed, “… If you’re an individual, and get caught, you get hammered.”
“The American government maintains that there is no alternative but to vigorously prosecute their zero tolerance policy of arresting drug users and their dealers. This has led to the incarceration of over 500,000 Americans. Meanwhile the flood of illegal drugs into America continues unabated.”

“You know, if you’re caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you’re going to go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life. But evidently, if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your own bed at night, every single individual associated with this. I think that’s fundamentally wrong.”

“Illegal drug trade is a clear obstacle to development. This cross-border problem requires a robust and coordinated law enforcement response within and among countries. Tackling organized crime and the illicit drugs trade is a shared responsibility. But the rule of law is only part of the equation,” Mr. Ban ki Moon said.

Written by Edgar Soto

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