Income taxes is the bankruptcy of the United States

Income taxes is the bankruptcy of the United States

The ‘intel’ weapons armed them self to benefits big companies like Apple, General Electric, Google, Coca-Cola, Walmart and Cisco Systems. This threat U.S. citizens because these companies are transferring their production plants to China and leaving an economic ‘mess’ to behind wich means that the income taxes is the bankruptcy of the United States.

The offshore business are more attractive now since the mercantilism era. Since more are Chinese living in China, who accept works for longer hour and lower salaries. China is the commercial partner of the United States since Henry Kissinger was an U.S Former National Security Advisor and still acting in the political and economical diplomacy .

The relationship between Henry Kissinger and Mao Tse-tung was so close that they were  running an alliance to spread the free market concept and the dollar stability.

According to The Citizens Tax Justice (CTJ), a central-leftist think  in Washington DC. 18 other companies also suspected of holding profits in tax havens with disclosures which fix an amount to un-repatriated income, in millions, which indicated they have paid very little tax on their profits to any government yet.

235 of the Fortune 500 companies are ‘non-disclosing’, which the center calculates holds $720 billion in un-repatriated offshore income. Google, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, and Cisco Systems are among the ‘non-disclosing’ bloc. These is the reality of the free world market idea that corroborates with cruel intentions that we don’t know yet all of them, but we will discover soon. The economic signals tell us the catastrophic perspectives about jobs for the young people and the retirements of the old people.

A Machiavelli Plano is running on by the U.S Government to control the U.S citizens and to force them to follow the military orders from Barack Obama. The U.S.  president brings fear to all his countrymen because he got away with the Republican and Democratic parties. The political debates and the U.S senators can no longer close maintain welfare policies for the poorer classes. People who have jobs are worried because they can wake up without their jobs.

An imminent terrorist attack is always considerable and the incomes taxes have a key role to finance wars against enemies of the capitalist regime. That still excludes the poorest countries and not bringing economic development, on the contrary, it further delaying.

The tax havens  “intel” weapons prepared to finance a new race for ‘virgins’ markets. Only the governments that accepts the new economic conditions of the ‘political games’ of the international banks will be part of the new international financial casino and can import and export goods.

The bankruptcy of the United States is something real and inevitable, and the only thing that can stop this economical crisis is the end of the dollar currency. China has US$13 trillion of dollars in your Federal Reserve Bank and is the only country that has more attractive conditions for the foreign direct investment, which means that the transnational companies no longer have to pay income tax to any government. How will be the new configuration of the world economy?

Written by: Tiago Silveira