Facebook and Twitter new networks for socializing

More and more people are inactivating their Facebook accounts daily.  Is it “Endgame” for Facebook or just a clue of ‘Conclusion’? Lately people desire something new to crisp up their life with nova hues. They are drooling over new social networks as Facebook has already lost around 7 billion users. So readers, just move your eyes, search new networks for socializing and you’ll be spoiled to choose; the new networks won’t let you go, “Out of option”.

Years ago Facebook had snatched users from Orkut and now Twitter is stealing (Or rather robbing?) people from Facebook’s canopy. As birds can’t sit on the same branch, no can they live on the same nest, we are also being birds around “Twitter”. In recent times, twitter has gained a lot along with our ‘heart’. We are seeing it very cute hang out zone rather than ‘Open book’ facebook. It’s needless to mention our celebs are making tweets worth sonorous day by day. And for now ‘Instagram’ is another pastime among stars and starlets who love to show it all ‘for your eyes only’. You can take Rihanna as an example; RiRi bares it all!! Socializing with celebs isn’t hard today. New networks have opened new horizons.

If Twitter is not your thing to pursue there are a queue of new social networks for your socializing. If you don’t love exposed celebrities on Instagram, you can share images with friends on ‘Pinterest’ or rather be happy go lucky on Flickr.com. Lately ‘Pinterest’ has gained users or rather their interests from diverse fields. If ‘gift of the grab’ is someone’s penchant to explore, Google+, g talk and renewed ‘My Space’ can make networking ‘spacious’. If we don’t know how to mix up or flirt with new neighbors, a new networking “Next door” is knocking at our door; it is mainly for neighbors. For art junkies and fiction lovers ‘DiviantART’ draws attention with new sketches and kitsch informations.

In spite of this craze of new born networks, some are here to stay; it is very hard for a high school kid to ignore the charms of tumblr.com; they love to be ‘Tagged’ (Tagged.com) again and again. Tweens won’t avoid the new zests of  ‘Meet up’, ‘My life’ or ‘Multiply’.  If you tube videos are losing the spark, one can always go to “Vine”, a new network with six second long videos; so it’s tiny part of you to ‘keep going’.

Mobile app ‘Whatsapp’ is already giving 21 yrs old ‘sms’ a middle age crisis. Gone are the days when ‘Email’ was big thing to talk about. Today, people are ready to ‘StumbleUopn’ ( StumbleUpon.com) on new horizons or pick ‘Pocket’ (getpocket.com) according to their sweet will. People are prone to ‘Digg’ new fields everyday.

Still, there will be some who love to live their own. They look for new networks, yet to be crowded by clusters. For them ‘Path’ and ‘Sina Weibo’ (weiboenglish.com) are perfect; many Hollywood  celebs are already on ‘Path’ to keep the list of friends in check.  Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson are on Sina Weibo.

So, new networks are here to open your window of dreams and make your life worth living. Fill up every page of your dream journal and living is up to you. Socializing is so much stylish now!!

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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  1. Jayeeta   June 6, 2013 at 10:01 am

    guys, read this article to know about your new social networks other than FB or twitter.

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