Instagram Seeking a Video Movement


Instagram desires a video movement
RiRi on Instagram

Instagram, the popular photo app and most clicked thing of recent times wants to make a new move in the arena of “videos”. Instagram, favored by celebs and shared by common people, has more potential, more strength and more popularity. Instagram desires a “video movement” to establish its own worth and efficiency.

Every moment, be it joyous or sad, gets clicked and uploaded to showcase on “Instagram”. The world of Instagram gets populated day by day. Once we headed to Twitter to know about celebrity lives and now we want them real, in pictures. We hope, our stars and starlets also enjoy the thing. Now it is the time to get more vibrant in videos.

Instagram is reportedly craving  a team up with Facebook, the social networking giant. And Facebook seems to be eager to include Instagram. As Instagram attracts more and more users daily, Facebook feels it is a must to team up with them. Facebook has lost millions of users in lately while other new social networks saw their numbers grow.

Facebook sent out an invitation saying, ” A small team has been working on a big idea” in a move to tease interest in a new product announcement scheduled at the company’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters on Thursday

Facebook’s Instagram has seen sizzling growth in interest in mobile photo sharing, and a logical step would be to include videos next. Instapuzzle is already here to make Instagram a bit more colorful. But that wasn’t enough. A movement was needed.

Now they want to introduce videos to make a ‘video movement’ in the world of still photos. Just imagine, isn’t is exciting to see RiRi or Justin Bieber showing off new accessories according to their own sweet desires? Rihanna has already made Instagram an asset of her own. Instagram videos will make it easy. And Instagram desires to be more powerful along with Facebook initiating a revolution challenging other social medias or photo apps.

But why does Instagram take such a massive step? Does it get fearful watching the popularity of “Vine”? Or does competition force them into it? As Facebook and Twitter have a penchant to vie with each other, Instagram seems really eager to compete with others. A few days ago Facebook borrowed “Hashtag” ( #) from twitter while Twitter borrowed some other features from Facebook. And in this battle of face off Instagram is the new bee.

Facebook has a history of trying to match the features of rivals, points out analyst Greg Sterling. “They have seen the success that Vine has had and do not want to have Instagram lose favor because it does not offer that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to do something that one-upped it”.

So, Instagram is ready to vie with others be it “Vine”, or “tumblr” or something new. This truly initiates a video movement, a ravishing revolution in the world of photographs. We hope in the future, they will conquer new peaks, new vistas, be it alone or teaming up with somebody, Facebook or others. Seemingly Facebook is their ladder lately but who knows if Facebook won’t make it their ladder in future days. Desire can make things possible. We just can’t get enough of Rihanna.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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