Chris Brown releases visuals to his single ‘Don’t Think They Know’ featuring the late Aaliyah (video)

Chris Brown releases visuals to his single 'Don't Think They Know' featuring the late Aaliyah (video)

Just about a month away from the release of his upcoming ‘X’ album and after much anticipation of his next single Chris Brown has finally released the visuals to his single ‘Don’t Think They Know’ featuring the late Aaliyah. For his latest video, Chris takes fans through the streets of South Los Angeles, as he plays peacemaker to rival gangs in Los Angeles and like his previous videos Chris adds his signature dancing as he is joined by a holographic Aaliyah. ‘Don’t Think They Know’ is a track that fans of both Chris and Aaliyah will be proud to hear. Chris and for his latest single, continues to stick with his R&B roots just as he did with his ‘Fine China’ single only this time he added the angelic voice of the late Aaliyah. In the video fans get to hear the late Aaliyah sing never before heard vocals as she sings on the chorus for Chris’s ‘Don’t Think They Know.’ Chris continues to add to the anticipation of what fans can expect on his upcoming ‘X’ album as he continues to stay with his R&B roots.

‘Don’t Think They Know’ will be available for download on iTunes soon and Chris’s album ‘X’ is expected to be released worldwide on July 16.

On speaking on his ‘X’ album Chris Brown said: “Making X, I found out who I am. This album has a lot of substance, from the subject matter and the situations to how it deals with love. It’s really derived from personal experiences. Then again, I always like mixing reality with art.”

Also, it seems that Young Money rapper Drake wants to talk it out man to man with R&B star Chris about their differences. Drake in an interview with GQ magazine said, “I wish we could sit down, just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen.”

-Kelly J Newson

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