Iran Election a Sham

Khamenei Wants That All Iranian People Vote Today

Iran election a sham

But not according to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He wants that all Iranian people vote today in order to show the US that their are no problems, and that the election most certainly isn’t a sham. The 50 million Iranian voters can choose between six candidates. Of course none of these candidates will seriously challenge the Islamic Republic.

Iran John Kerry

John Kerry voices concerns
Khamenei supposedly said that he doesn’t give a damn about what the US thinks about the Iranian election being a sham or not. Secretary of State John Kerry was the one who questioned the credibility of this election. On May 24, he voiced his concerns about disqualification of candidates and accusing Tehran of disrupting Internet access. Now we understand why Kerry was up set about that. Not because he was concerned about the freedom of speech of the people, but because he was thinking how much more difficult it would be to monitor their every move and tap their phones.

US tapping phones
(of course this last bit was an attempt to make light of the situation that is going on in the US today. Therefore it’s questionable for Kerry to raise questions about Iran, when things in America are very rocky.) Also many people might say that most elections are a puppet show not only in Iran. A concerned citizen US wrote: “Their elections are a sham. Vote for the right person or else.” This seems to be the most popular opinion in the West right now. It probably has something to do with the fact that we don’t understand the system, we don’t understand under what threat these people live, and that maybe one of these candidates might actually not be such a bad new beginning. It’s also wise to remember that it’s easy to stand on the side lines, but a different story once you are in the middle of it. It might affect your whole life, your being and your family. Lets be compassionate, and not point fingers but rather hope for the best.

Or like Iron Hacker commented today: “Considering the Obama administration cover ups (IRS, DOJ, NSA) that were in progress during the campaign season in 2012, the US is in no position to comment about sham elections in Iran. Let’s fix that problem at home before we make the accusation in other countries.”

Fraud day
another Internet source said: “Its Election Fraud Day In Iran” and I hope this time the masses of people will be out in full force to protest the elections. In my opinion there is always election fraud in Iran. The current puppet president was never a president in my eyes, just a fraud…..GO Green GO!!”

Positive outcome
At the moment it’s very difficult to have a clear image of what is going on in Iran. Can people really vote however they want? Are they threatened? These are real concerns, and goes beyond the statement, if the election is a sham or not. No man/woman or child should feel like they have to vote for somebody because otherwise their lives, and that of their families might be in danger. Lets hope that this election doesn’t end in a drama, and will have an actual positive outcome.


Iran election a sham

By Georgina Pijttersen



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