Robert Downey Jr. Sweet and Nurturing Makes a Toddler Cry (Photo)

He wanted Iron Man, and Downey Jr. just didn't deliver

Robert Downey jr. makes toddler cry

Robert Downey Jr. or better known as the come back kid, was very famous in the eighties and nineties. He was widely praised for his good looks, that mischievous twinkle in hes eyes ,and his enormous acting talent. Unfortunately he developed a serious drug problem, and had several incidents with the police, and stints in rehab. Luckily in 2003 he came back cleaned up, and sober. He looked every inch the super star again, his acting talent was still intact, as well as his humor, and spark in his eyes. Robert hasn’t wavered since, and has been cast in many great roles. In specific Sherlock Holmes, alongside Jude Law, and the usually Ironic Iron Man. Today Downey Jr. displayed his sweet, and nurturing side when he tried to surprise a toddler who is an enormous Iron Man fan. However Robert actually made the toddler cry. He makes for a good father, but this wee one didn’t care for his parental talents. He wanted Iron Man, and Downey Jr. just didn’t deliver.

The poor toddler, Jaxson Denno, hadn’t figured out that action hero’s do not walk among us. He believed that Iron Man could show up, and give him a hug. However his mother is partially to blame for that, and probably Jaxson’s active imagination for the other part. Mommy Denno told her son that Iron Man was in Western Massachusetts, and that they could pop over, and meet him. Unfortunately she had neglected to explain to her son that it was the actor who plays Iron Man who was shooting a different type of movie at that location, no super hero this time. (Robert is filming scene’s for his new movie” The Judge” there.)

When Jaxson finally was ready for the meet, and greet he was told that Iron Man would materialise soon before his very eyes. However a casually dressed Downey Jr. showed up. The boy was so disappointed that he started to cry. Robert didn’t let the tears stop him from being kind, sweet, and nurturing. After a moment or two Jaxson realised that this actor person who didn’t look anything like Iron Man in his red robot suit, was actually quite cool, and funny. He cheered up, and the duo actually shared a nice, honest moment together. (Robert usually makes awkward, strange moment into funny ones.)However Mommy Denno was smart enough to take a picture from the awkward first moments when the toddler realised that Iron Man wouldn’t show up.

robert downey jr makes toddler cry


Hopefully Downey’s own children weren’t shocked when they found out that Iron Man was just their sweet, nurturing father playing dress up. However on any playground anywhere in the world it would be super cool to say that your father plays Iron Man, or is Robert Downey Jr. for that matter. The coolness factor of that particular kid would Iron-Man-sky-rocket. Jaxson will now have to live with the fact that he was immortalized by his mother on Facebook. Hopefully he will not get stuck with the title: “The toddler who started to cry when he saw Robert Downey Jr.” Hopefully this makes him a legend not a person to be mocked.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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