Jean Stapleton Dies at 90.

Jean Stapleton dies

Jean Stapleton, who will forever be “Edith” on “All in the Family”, died Saturday at 90 years of age.  Her family said she died of natural causes in her home.

Although she appeared to be “flighty”, and not the most educated woman in the world, her logic always surpassed the rest of the family, and she resonated kindness and understanding.

Ms. Stapleton was cast to be the wife of Carroll O’Connor’s loud-mouthed and bigoted character “Archie”.  He often called her by a pet name, “dingbat.”  She won three Emmys.

“The benign, compassionate presence she developed made my egregious churl bearable,” O’Connor wrote of Stapleton in his 1998 autobiography. He died in 2001.

Ms. Stapleton is survived by her children, television producer Pamela Putch and film and television director John Putch.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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