Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Winslet one happy family (vajayjay video)

Kate Winslet and Jennifer Love hewitt one happy family

Such happy news today! Both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Winslet are expecting. Jennifer is finally pregnant, she always wanted to have one big happy family but was never lucky enough in love. Kate Winslet has been married before, twice. So now Kate is onto baby three with husband number three. All in all, she will also have one happy family, although the children all look slightly different from one another. Isn’t that a headache for the children, and for Kate to figure out when, where, how the children will see their father?

Let’s have an in depth look into Jennifer Love Hewitt and the men in her life. (Apart of course from her, now embedded in history, remark about how she loves to bedazzle her vajayjay or rather vagazzling. If you like a reminder of what she was talking about, please refer to the video below. The vadge fun starts around the 2.40 mark)

– Her first known boyfriend was Joey Lawrence. They were together until 1996. Joey was famous for portraying Joey Russo in Blossom, and nowadays for starring alongside Melissa in the TV series Melissa&Joey. Apart from appearing on more shows on TV after the break up with Jennifer, Joey married Michelle Vella in 2002, and divorced her in 2005. His second wife he discovered in Disney World when they were teenagers. In July 2005, the same year he got divorced, he married his teenage sweetheart on the same location where they met. (Disney World.) They have two daughters together.

– Love Hewitt’s next boyfriend and quest for finding one happy Family was Will Friedle. They were together until 1997. (The same year Kate Winslet became a super star because of Titanic.) Will was the funny hot brother from Boy meets World. It is not known if Jennifer bedazzled her vajayjay for him as well or if only Jamie Kennedy had the joy of seeing that.

– Jennifer didn’t mourn her loss for long and hopped onto the Carson Daly band wagon until 1999. The TV host and the vajayjay obsessed Hewitt didn’t last very long and she moved on to hotter territory.

– Wilmer Valderrama, Fez from That 70’s show, fell prey to her obsession with forming one happy family. Again it didn’t last long, and she fell briefly in the arms of John Mayer, and she almost finished her ex-boyfriend list with Jamie Kennedy. (Before her now boyfriend she was together with director Alex Beh for a hot minute.)

The last one to close the vajayjay gates for good, or for the next few months if Hollywood is the standard, is Brian Hallisay. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s co-start from the client list.

Kate winslet does things slightly differently. She doesn’t have a long list of boyfriends. She just likes to be married, and have babies right away. It all started with actor and writer Stephen Tredre. After a four and a half year relationship with Winslet they broke up but remained the best of friends. Sadly he passed away, way to early, and Kate attended his funeral while everybody else was in LA to see Titanic’s premiere.

After the whole chaos around Titanic slowly came to a halt, Winslet found a new love in the form of Jim Threapleton. They married in 1998, and had daughter Mia in 2000. Sadly Kate, and Jim divorced in 2001. (Maybe Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tips on bedazzling her vajayjay would have helped a bit, but this is pure speculation.)

Sam Mendes was the next in line to try, and create that one happy family together with Winslet. (Sam Mendes is the director of American Beauty, James Bond’s ‘Skyfall’ and many others.) On the 22 of December 2003 their son Joe was born. However this fairy tale also ended in 2010.

After that Kate dated a Burberry mode,l and finally found her new man in Ned Rocknroll. The couple married in 2012, and now Kate is expecting another child.

Will this be the moment that both Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kate Winslet can sit back and enjoy their ‘one happy family’? Or will they break up, divorce and be left with enough free time on their hands to bedazzle their vajayjay for the next suitor. Only time will tell.

By Georgina Pijttersen

source nndb

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