Jessica Korda Fires Caddie and Hires Boyfriend on Hole 11

Jessica Korda fired her caddie and replaced him by hiring her boyfriend (above) on the eleventh tee.
Jessica Korda fired her caddie and replaced him by hiring her boyfriend (above) on the eleventh tee.

It was a wild day at the Women’s U.S. Open tournament at the Sebonack Golf Club. High winds, incredibly difficult pin placements, and blaring sun resulted in only one player being under par for the round. Conditions were extremely difficult today, making disagreements between players and caddies frequent. For Jessica Korda, the disagreements became too much to handle, and on hole 11 she fired her caddie and immediately hired her boyfriend to finish the round.

When asked about her decision after the conclusion of her round, Korda explained to reporters that “We had a couple of disagreements here and there, and I wasn’t in the right state of mind. I knew I needed to switch and just have a little bit more fun out there. It’s a U.S. Open. It’s tough out there. It just wasn’t working out.”

Entering the day in fifth place, Jessica Korda struggled to a four over par 40 on the front nine. As a result of her struggles and the stress that comes with in the game of golf, Jessica Korda informed her caddie Jason Gilroyed that his services no longer were needed as they approached the 11th tee, she then said “Johnny, let’s go,” and hired boyfriend Johnny DelPreti to finish the round.

Jessica Korda would go on to shoot an even 36 on the back nine and finish the day with a four over par 76.

Following completion of the round, Jessica Korda was asked to describe the exact rationale she had in making her decision to fire her caddie and immediately hire her boyfriend to replace him. “I think everybody has problems every week,” Korda said. “You blame the caddie, the caddie blames you. It’s just up in the air. I just felt like enough was enough today. I just wasn’t mentally ready for it.”

“It was tough for me, because I care about Jason a lot. He is a great guy. That’s just how it happens sometimes in life. That was one of those things today that it just unfolded. It was very hard for me to do. I’m not that type of person to take these things really easily. For me it was very hard to tell him that and it took a lot for me.”

Sometimes a change can reignite the fire in an athlete. By removing the caddie she blamed for her struggles that day, she was able to once again approach the game with a level head. The stress of fighting with the caddie removed, she was able to be comfortable with her game, and shoot even par as a result.

The couple wasn’t the only members of the Korda family on the course that day, Jessica’s sister Nelly became the youngest player to make the cut at this year’s U.S. Open Championship at just 14 years old.

Caddie Jason Gilroyed did not have any comments for reporters following his dismissal, and there is no word as of yet if Jessica Korda will hire him again after firing him mid-round in favor of her boyfriend on hole 11.

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