Justin Bieber Bodyguard Says Whoops I Did It Again

Bieber Bodyguard says Whoops I did it again

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one in his cap that police want to talk to. Now his bodyguard is doing a “Britney Spears” and saying, “Whoops I Did it Again,” for being accused of doing an “Olivia Newton-John” and “getting physical” with a private citizen-type photographer.

For the fourth time in almost as many days, one of Bieber’s bodyguards has been accused of battery because someone wanted to take a picture of the singer.

Allegedly last week, a couple of the 19 year-old pop star’s security team members went after a member of the paparazzi because he wanted to get a picture of Bieber at a skateboard park.

Not to be outdone by his burly bodyguards, Bieber himself decided to get into the act last week by cursing out a cameraman and stealing his SIM card. All of this thuggish behaviour was actually caught on camera.

According to TMZ, insiders close to Justin and his entourage says that the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez was in a hookah lounge in Los Angeles when another patron attempted to take the singers picture. One of Bieber’s eagle eyed boy-bodyguards stepped in to interviene and a scuffle of some type ensued.

The other patron of the lounge called the police, but like the speeding incident in his Calabasas Californian neighbourhood, Justin and his entourage, including his bodyguards, were gone by the time law enforcement officials arrived. They more or less did a “The Animals” and decided that “We Gotta Get Out of this Place.”

Right now it isn’t very clear if the 19 year-old singer was even involved in the fracas. Actual details are a bit shaky and no one wants to point a finger just yet. Lawsuits are expensive. No one wants to hold their hand up and say, “Whoops! Sorry about that, I did it again and roughed up some fellow with a camera, because Mr Justin Bieber doesn’t like his picture getting taken. It’s what I’m paid for.” But the youngster isn’t alone in his distaste of having his image “stolen.”

But like a growing number of young celebrities, Bieber doesn’t like getting his picture taken. Most celebrities know that this is a price they pay for the fame and popularity. While most of them do not “jump for joy” when the cameras come out, most go along with it, because it is good publicity versus bad.

It appears to be singers that don’t like the paparazzi or fans with photographic intentions. Kanye West repeatedly “has a go” at the paps and camera toting civilians. Miley Cyrus has also let rip with a few choice expletives when folks have gotten “too close” for comfort at a photo opportunity.

You’d think that Miley, who is also an actress could accept this. Sandra Bullock is well known amongst the camera crowd of paparazzi as being a very chilled recipient of their aimed lenses. Because of this, there has been a sort of respect given by both sides.

Respect that Justin Bieber isn’t going to get until he realises that this is a small price to pay for being famous. It isn’t like the camera toting public are entering his gated neighbourhood to get intrusive snaps of him at home.

TMZ have reported that the police don’t consider Justin a suspect and it isn’t even certain that he was even aware of the incident. But nonetheless, the Bieber brigade has been accused of three similar incidents in Miami just this week alone. In one of the incidents, Bieber told his crew to attempt taking the guy’s camera.

But Justin Bieber and his bodyguard are just acting as “per normal” using a protocol that seems to say, “Back the F*** off!” Sure the bodyguard winds up saying whoops, I did it again, but rather than an apologetic sort of statement, it seems that this is what his burley minders are paid to do. So who knows how long it will be before another bodyguard “does a Britney Spears?”

By Michael Smith


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