Justin Bieber Car Troubles Again

Justin Bieber Car Troubles Again

Teen heart throb Justin Bieber struck a paparazzi photographer with his Ferrari sports car while driving off from a comedy club in Los Angeles on Monday night, but, police aren’t considering incident a hit-and-run.

Video footage that was taken outside the Laugh Factory comedy club showed Bieber behind the wheel of his white Ferrari, surrounded by photographers as he was driving off. According to TMZ the 19 year-old Canadian pop star, waved at the photographers to clear out of the way but he apparently pinned one of them between his Ferrari and another parked car as he pulled out.

He then drove away.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Bruce Borihanh said on Tuesday. “It was not a hit-and-run. The investigation is ongoing.”

Borihanh also said that the photographer’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Justin Bieber’s rep declined to comment on the young singer’s latest car troubles. It looks like his Ferrari is making headlines again.

Bieber is already under investigation for a separate driving incident in May after his neighbors complained that he had been speeding through his gated Los Angeles-area community.

The incident is just the next in a growing line of Ferrari-related troubles between Justin Bieber and police. Last month, Bieber made headlines after neighbors in his exclusive Calabasas neighborhood accused him of speeding and driving recklessly through the area.

Two of Justin’s neighbours complained personally to the pop star, but his alleged response to was to spit on one and run away from the other.

The one he ran away from is an former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson who said his children playing outside on his front lawn as Bieber allegedly sped past. Justin’s best buddy in the world Tyler the creator got onto Twitter and tweeted that it was he that recklessly drove the Ferrari around the gated community of Calabasas LA and not Bieber.

Tyler tweeted, “That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle. Don’t Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That It Was Who It Wasnt.”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said on Monday that Bieber’s legal team turned over a security video from his Calabasas home that shows that the pop star got into the car just to park it inside the garage the day he was accused of driving too fast (said by some to be at freeway speeds) through the gated neighborhood.

The legal team presented it as evidence that would exonerate Bieber, authorities have said. The sheriff department officials say the video shows the Ferrari in the driveway with another driver and Bieber getting off a motorcycle and then getting into the sports car and parking it. Official’s say that the video doesn’t prove or disprove who drove the car around the neighbourhood and then up the driveway.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said the decision on whether to file a reckless-driving charge against the pop star will be made by the district attorney’s office.

The Canadian singer has been the subject of a series of headline-grabbing incidents over the past year. He and his bodyguards have been accused of assault and in Miami, assault and theft as well as brandishing a gun at a terrified photographer. In London, the singer scuffled with a photographer outside a hotel during a European tour.

But this week, at least Justin Bieber is having car troubles again and this time his car might be charged with assault instead of him and his bodyguard.

By Michael Smith


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