Justin Bieber Gets Flirty with Miley Cyrus


New flame?


 Justin Bieber again hits the headlines. Now, he is seen partying with Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles and the duo seemed quite happy with it. Naughty boy Justin gets flirty (or lovely?) with Miley Cyrus again. Obviously, this single night takes us back in the past, when they hooked up briefly only to realize “It isn’t gonna happen”. It was really a very jingling “Wow” moment for both the fans and paparazzo. But the oomph erased away soon. Now, fans are again pinning wishes to see the greatest musical love union on the world.

When the brief romance story about Justin and Miley surfaced on the media, years ago, none imagined they’d ever be together again. They had moved on to new beaus after that. But now, they are moving towards each other, and they may end up at each other’s arms.

Miley arrived first at the place as she is regular at this place.  Justin came around 1:50 AM and most surprisingly he headed straight towards Miley’s table (quite suspicious, isn’t it?). The duo started flirting and smiling together as if no one is watching. But the duo stayed there hardly fifteen minutes. They left together around 2:00 AM to be united somewhere else. TMZ reports the place as high profile celeb hang out zone (Roosevelt Hotel) and Justin-Miley were late night visitors. It is still unclear where they went after the show. Miley wore a flirty black top revealing the well toned midriff, while Justin covered himself in a sleeveless sky grey shirt. They were very natural, as if don’t want to hide anything to anyone, reports TMZ. Smiles and smirks on her face said it all. It turned out to be most happening Sunday night.

And still, some leftover drama made us pause a bit. Hours before this late night rendezvous, Justin’s leopard spotted Audi was seen leaving Miley’s Los Angeles home in the Saturday morning. Are they coming close once again? Or it is just a fling? But they looked quite promising together, all lovely-dovely.

A few days ago, in their together times Selena tried hard to keep Justin away from Miley. She never wanted them to talk. But now, Selena is a matter of past and Justin wants to be swayed by Cyrus. We didn’t forget the luscious gossips about Justin-Miley when they were allegedly working on the same music studio. So, we do understand it is “Never say never” story for them; they just can’t be away from each other for long. They need to be united again and again. This time Justin gets flirty, next time we want something more.

Justin is recently single after split up with Selena and Miley is engaged to Liam Hermsworth. But that didn’t stop the crazy duo flirting vivaciously.

Are you surprised that they are flirting up a storm? Perhaps maybe Miley really did call things off with Liam? Would Miley and Justin be the ultimate young Hollywood power couple? Or would they be twice as annoying as they would normally be on their own? After such hardcore flirtation we just want them to get hooked up. They will be most glamourous teen couple of our time. And there is no ‘Evil eyes’ of Selena Gomez to stop them. Let Justin get flirty with Miley; it will lead us to something new, something charming.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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