Kanye West Movie Director Debut Might Win Academy Award (Video)

That's What Kanye West Thought

Kanye West Academy Award

Fun times for Kanye West. His new Album, aptly titled “Yeezus” according to Kanye himself, is quite a hit. It did get leaked on the Internet prior to its release, however that doesn’t seem to stop his rise in the charts. Fans love his new album, and other people are scratching their heads, why does this Kanye guy always have to be so complicated and super serious. Didn’t he just have a baby with that Kardashian woman? Well some sort of humor was displayed by Mister West recently. He actually made a short film. He probably was standing in front of the mirror one day, and thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool; Kanye West Movie Director Debut Academy Award Win, leaving every one of those haters behind in amazement.”

Mister West created this little gem of a movie through DONDA. His creative company that has been started in honor of his mother. (His mother, Donda West, passed away in 2007 due to corrective breast surgery gone wrong. Kanye West had emotional problems following her death, and wants to keep her memory alive.) His creative company has produced a short film that has been inspired by American Psycho.

This short film can be seen on Kanye West his own website, or below this article. The two-minute video is quite horrific, and not to be watched on an empty stomach. (This goes for the original movie as well.) Scott Disick portrays Lord Disick, and Jonathan Cheban, the best friend forever of Kim Kardashian, plays in integral part in it as well. Lord Disick is a number one Kanye West fan. He loves all his albums but in specific “Yeezus.” When he meets Jonathan Cheban, and discovers that this man is not in love with Kanye or his music, in actual fact the man doesn’t care, Disick can’t live with that. He murders Cheban with an axe. (Cue gory bits.) Disick yells in true Christian Bale American Psycho style: “Try getting the Yeezus album now, motherfucker!” If Kanye West Debut as a Movie Director will Win him an Academy Award, or even a nomination, is probably not likely. However judging by the reactions of the fans, Kanye definitely struck a cord, and might want to do more of these humorous movies. Hopefully one day he will be ready for his actual Oscar worthy director’s debut.

Most of Kanye West’s fans did think that Kanye has made a mistake. They don’t like Scott Disick so much, and they especially don’t appreciate his acting talents. The reason why West decided to ask Disick to “act” in his short film probably only makes sense to him. However wouldn’t it be great if Kanye actually did win some sort of award for his movie director debut, it might not be an Academy Award, but maybe MTV Best Ironic Shortie? It would be worth it alone, to give Taylor Swift finally her moment of revenge. She could jump on stage this time, and actually voice her opinions. Would you have forgiven Kanye West by now for that disastrous moment if you were Taylor Swift? or do you think it’s high time for her sweet, sugary, red lipped revenge?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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