Kanye West releases snippet of his song ‘Bound’ and new cover art

Kanye West continues to add to the anticipation for his upcoming ‘Yeezus’ album and just recently the hip hop star released new artwork for his upcoming June 18th release. Only this time Kanye West will be releasing his upcoming ‘Yeezus’ album with no artwork or booklet just the music. Fans have been debating this and sharing their opinion on Kanye releasing his album without artwork. Some of which has been positive and some negative as some have mentioned rapper Mos Def as one of the first rappers to release an album without cover art. Originally Kanye had planned to release his album with cover art as well as allow fans to pre-order but the rapper has since changed plans for his album. The original cover art for Kanye’s upcoming album ‘Yeezus’ was posted on instagram by girlfriend Kim Kardashian after Kanye’s Saturday Night Live performance:

Kanye West releases snippet of his song 'Bound' and new cover art

Now, the rapper has decided to go with no cover art and no booklet for his upcoming album as well as not allow fans to pre-order his
Yeezus’ album but calls for fans to just go out and buy ‘Yeezus’ on June 18th.

Kanye West releases snippet of his song 'Bound' and new cover art

Also, and most recently Kanye West released a snippet of his latest song ‘Bound’ which is to be featured on his upcoming ‘Yeezus’ album, fans may hear the snippet over at Kanye West’s official site: www.kanyewest.com

The snippet sings: “Bound to fallin’ in love/Bound to fallin’ in love, uh huh honey”

Kanye West also announced plans for more projections around the world, for a list of cities that Kanye West will be projecting in the coming days, fans may head over to his official website.

Recently, band members from the band Daft Punk spoke on their feature on Kanye’s upcoming album saying: “It was very raw: he was rapping – kind of screaming primally, actually. Kanye doesn’t give a f**k. He’s a good friend.”

‘Yeezus’ will be available worldwide June 18th

twitter: @kanyewest

-Kelly J Newson

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