Kate Middleton Pregnant Princess Cruises Ceremony

Pregnant Kate Middleton christens ship.

With her pregnancy very obvious the beautiful Kate Middleton attended the Princess Cruises naming ceremony on Thursday wearing a “dalmatian” patterned dress complete with baby bump. She actually christened the new ship the “Royal Princess.”

Spokesperson’s for the Palace and the royal family have said that this will be Kate’s final “solo” appearance before she is expected to give birth in the middle of July.

The 31 year-old Duchess of Cambridge used a 4 gallon, $1500 bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne to christen the ship. Sources have said the the enormous bottle was so heavy that she could not swing it on her own, but she did cut a ribbon that was holding the champagne bottle in place, launching it toward the ship’s hull. It made a satisfactory smash against the hull to the cheers of the attending crowd.

As part of the age old tradition the obviously very pregnant Middleton announced, “I name this ship Royal Princess, may God bless her and all who sail in her.”

Kate Middleton married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the thrones, after his father, of the 16 Commonwealth realms; and the Duchess is expected to eventually become queen consort.

Prince William and Kate got married in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011, (St. Catherine’s Day) with the day being declared a bank holiday in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Estimates of the global audience for the wedding ranged around 300 million or more, and an estimated 26 million watched the event live in Britain alone.

The very pregnant Kate Middleton looked glowing as she attended the Princess Cruises’ ceremony and talked to the other attendees on the VIP podium. The event was held at the Historic waterfront in Southampton. The christening was the culmination of the ship naming ceremony and it was considered the highlight of the gala event that included a blessing bestowed upon the newly named Princess Royal ship from the Bishop of Winchester.

The Bishop, the Rt Revd Tim Dakin, also said a prayer for the ship and the ceremony included a performance from the pop star Natasha Bedingfield.

Kate Middleton as The Duchess of Cambridge has been officially designated the godmother of the new ship. This is part of a tradition that bestows the symbolic title of “godmother” to the ship that dates back to a much earlier time in the nautical world.

The duchess’s visit and participation in the christening ceremony highlighted the importance of the new 3,600-passenger Royal Princess, which is scheduled to begin cruising the Mediterranean this summer. Kate’s appearance also guaranteed a large amount of publicity for the cruise liner.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child in mid-July. When the baby is born, it will become third in line for the throne behind the 30 year-old William and his father, Prince Charles. The princes mother, the late Princess Diana, performed a similar cruise ship christening on the same spot nearly three decades ago.

As a part of the Princess Cruises ceremony, the heavily pregnant Kate Middleton was given a brief tour of the ship.

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