America Says Congress is Worthless


A poll released Thursday shows what all of America knows, with the exception of 535 men and women who are wasting the nation’s time and money in Washington, that Congress is worthless.

A Gallup poll shows that only 10 percent of Americans have confidence in Congress.  That’s three points lower than a year ago.  In fact, Gallup says; “this is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record.”

Congratulations to our mistakenly elected legislators!  And after the poorest performance in history by the 112th Congress, they said it couldn’t be done.

Congress ranks last on a list of 16 institutions. At the top of the list: The U.S. military. Seventy-six percent say they have confidence in the armed forces. The presidency ranked fifth, at 36%.

To compare how poorly our present representatives in Washington are viewed, when Gallup began asking the nation’s voters their opinion of Congress in 1973, the favorable rating was 42 percent.  Beginning in 2006, they have never risen above 20 percent.

“Democrats, independents, and Republicans are about equally likely to express low confidence in Congress. This is a change from the past and likely reflects the split control of Congress,” says the Gallup release.

So, as an American citizen, with no money, what can I do about it?  We have weapons at our disposal, but first we have to discover where the United States of America went.  When, and if we find it, we must rejuvenate it.

In order to do that, we must eliminate the solid colors red and blue.  All states should be red, white and blue states.  States must cease to be defined as Republican, or Democrat.  The labels of liberal and conservative must be removed as well.

Not a single state in the union is occupied by all right wing, or all left wing leaning people.  (And that includes Mississippi and Arizona.)  Let me be perfectly clear ‘my fellow Americans,’ we have a common enemy, and it is our own government.

If the citizens of Turkey can unite, and stand against a dictatorial government, can we do the same?  We don’t have to riot, but we need to make a concerted effort, and show a united front.

We have a mid-term national vote in November of 2014.  We have time.

A serious message could be sent in a couple of ways.  Americans could declare election day a day of ‘national boycott.’  We could avoid the polls entirely.  If you are a Democrat or Republican, you’re going to vote in a predictable fashion should you cast your vote.  Only independents, such as myself, have any un-predictability.

Wouldn’t it be a ‘hoot’ to see all that campaigning have been for nothing?  They would be repeating the same old platitudes, and telling the same old lies, and receive zero votes.  What a grand day for America.

The other thing we could do, and would send the same message, is to vote in large numbers.

Here in Nevada, we have a choice, “none of the above.”  That would be my vote.  In states that do not offer that choice, voters could vote for a third party candidate.  If there is none, just leave it blank.

What would 535 worthless individuals think if the largest voter turnout in history produced the lowest vote count of all time for either party?

I can dream.

Meanwhile, I, like 90 percent of Americans, know that Congress is worthless, and is likely to remain so.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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  1. S2   June 13, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    I think an opposite approach would be more ideal. A true protest would be to simply vote out ALL of the incumbents. Start fresh and see what happens.

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