Kate Upton Reveals Dazzling Smile on Set of Her New Film

Kate Upton Reveals Dazzling Smile
Kate Upton reveals a dazzling smile on the set of her latest film. She’s currently working on the film The Other Woman with film star and mutual sex symbol Cameron Diaz. Kate was spotted in shorts and a sleeveless blouse having a relaxing moment off camera.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit favourite was chilling on the sidelines while waiting to work on her scene that was being filmed in Chinatown, New York City.

Kate’s co-star Cameron Diaz was also on set today getting ready to appear on screen in a short dress and heels. Ms Diaz was passed over by the paparazzi shutterbugs, but then, the 40 year-old Diaz hasn’t been the friendliest of people towards the photographers. (Giving the “bird” not once but twice to the paparazzi!)

She may be a little jealous of all the attention that the 21 year-old natural beauty has been getting from the “pap’s.” Although to be honest, Upton does show a lot more “skin” than Diaz. The camera toting brigade usually managed to get a few good “shots” of Kate when she’s partially clothed. It is kind of hard to miss those natural beauties combined with a face and figure that can stop traffic.

The film features Kate as the “other girl” but she’s not alone! Her cheating boyfriend (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who’s knocking em dead on Game of Thrones at the moment) who is married to his very pregnant wife (Cameron Diaz) while he’s dallying around with yet another girlfriend.

But the plot seems to make Kate happy, if that dazzling smile is anything to go by. But the early revealing details of the film sound familiar, don’t they?

Kate Upton smile
Kate’s dazzling smile on the set of The Other Woman

Sounds almost like a Michael Douglas biopic, doesn’t it? Although the, self confessed, sex addicted Douglas has had counselling about his “problem” and seems to be over it.

It sounds like a “grown-up” version of the 2006 comedy John Tucker Must Die. Kate as the other, other woman decides to join up with the love rat’s wife and dish out some delicious revenge. At this point it isn’t clear if the other woman in this four-way love-match joins the two or not. It does seem likely though.

But, for the lovely all natural 21 year-old sex symbol, it’s not all about the work.

When she hasn’t been working on her new film, Kate’s been spotted getting close and cozy with Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. She was getting all warm and friendly with his at the New York hot spot Beauty & Essex.

An un-named source said that the pair were very intimate with each other and that they, “were cuddling and holding hands, although they were not seen making out. They seemed pretty cute together.”

Afterward getting so close at the Beauty & Essex, Kate, along with Blake and his friends sauntered over to the Avenue nightclub. According to another source, “they closed the place down!”

It sounds like Kate Upton has a lot to smile about!

After her “romantic” interlude with Blake, a few days later she tweeted a happy birthday message to her ex, Justin Verlander.

She tweeted “Happy birthday to one of my favorite people ever @FrankViola3 !!!!” Sounds nice doesn’t it? Until you read her preceding tweet which had an e-card and read, “Happy birthday to a friend of a friend who I now like more than the original friend.”

So, revealing a dazzling smile on the set of her new film, Kate Upton appears to be in control of her love life as well as her professional one. Way to go Kate! Keep that star rising!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom