Kate Upton Topless Video Now Up Complete With Stars (Video)

Kate Upton Topless Video

Never let it be said that we don’t think of you faithful readers constantly. In an effort to appease all those folks who felt cheated by the lack of a Kate Upton, topless in a video from her photo shoot on a horse bareback, dispare no longer; the video is now up on YouTube complete with stars. And we’ve got the video to prove it down below.

If you can remember back to June 22, we put up an article saying that TMZ had released a video on Friday boasting that it featured “Kate Upton SUPER TOPLESS … On a Horse.” According to TMZ the video was “taken during a recent modeling shoot.” But according to Coed.com, the video was actually filmed while Upton was doing her Complex 2012 shoot, which sort of falls into the category of recently but only just.

But regardless of when the pervy video was actually shot, TMZ weren’t talking out of their hat. Be cause for almost all of the video the “all natural” Kate Upton is topless and she doesn’t have a lot on anywhere else.

The video does feature those much talked about and very much scorned stars to protect Ms Upton’s nipples from the prying public, although the videographer certainly got an eyeful. It obviously excited him to a huge degree as he practically runs over a female member of the photographer’s crew in his eagerness to get the “nipple-shot.”

There is still some confusion as to why TMZ decided to “star” Kate’s nipples, they’ve been seen in all their splendour before. Goodness knows her fans aren’t too happy with the decision!

What is amusing about the whole thing is that TMZ shot another video showing the reaction of one of the TMZ employee’s having either a heart attack or a stroke at the sight of his uncensored vision of Kate’s boobs sans stars. I have not seen this video, but according to the Daily Caller it features what must be the worlds oldest TMZ virgin. He actually appears to be in a certain amount of distress.

The last time I wrote about this video, I stated that, “If you go over to YouTube and type in Kate Upton, one of your suggested choices will be: “Kate Upton Horse.” If you decide to go even further and click on any of the many different channels touting the “Topless Kate Upton on a Horse” you’ll find a lot of YouTube contributors talking about it, or a video with those stars firmly in place in a freeze frame shot of Kate on said horse with a link in the description box for the “original” video.”

That is no longer the case and if you hurry on down to the bottom of this article, you’ll find the video in its entirety, complete with stars and a great big TMZ emblazoned not once, but twice, across the video in each and every frame.

The only puzzling thing is, if TMZ didn’t really want anyone to see the video, why did they release it on YouTube?

As I and other disgruntled Kate Upton fans have pointed out, it’s not like Kate Upton hasn’t shown her nipples or a whole lot of skin before. You cannot be a swimsuit or lingerie model and not show some skin. But the idea that Kate’s private bits, aka nipples, are not for public viewing is just rude and not giving the “viral-video-gal” the respect she deserves.

I still maintain that it’s Kate Upton’s sense of humour that has gotten her this far in the business and not her natural assets as many claim. But what do I know? So here, at last, is the Kate Upton topless video now up for the viewing pleasure of all. Complete with stars, horse and a tiny thong. Just lower your eyes below and have a look. Enjoy!

Editors Note: Video Removed

By Michael Smith