Under The Dome A Disgrace Nothing Like The Book

The Cow Slaughtering Was Too Fake

Under The Dome A Disgrace Nothing Like The Book

On Monday night Under the Dome was finally aired, and we could all see what had happened to Stephen King’s book. (A book that certainly isn’t for the weak hearted, tender footed or soft in the belly people. Even though the beginning might look all suave, and pleasant the ending will be that much more difficult to swallow.) The opinions of the public are divided. Either people who read the book hate the series, that’s usually the case, and others who saw it with an open mind liked it. There is some debate whether the cow slaughtering was too fake or not fake enough. (Some fans argued that if the cow would have looked too real, that would have been a problem because the public would have deemed it as too gruesome.) Many Under the Dome readers came to the conclusion, that the series is nothing like the book, and that for some it’s an actual disgrace.

Here are some discussion points. (Also handy if you need discussion material at the water cooler/coffee machine/parking lot)

  • The producers of the TV series have changed characters. One being that a character from the book, who was a stalker, suddenly has been changed into a boyfriend. (Who is crazy of course.)
  • Even though some members of the public really hated the series, and hoped it would be cancelled by the TV network, this isn’t likely to happen. Amazon will pay for the show, and CBS will air it. So no need not to watch it if you are worried it might be cancelled, because the acting isn’t up to par or the story line is a bit wobbly so far.
  • The book is really scary in a way that it doesn’t contain weird flesh eating creatures, or anything like that, but vile towns people with horrible minds. Necrophilia, murder, rape etc. Everything in our society that is dark, and shouldn’t see the light of day, does see the light in Mister King’s book. Maybe not the way you would like to spend your Monday evening.
  • A few fans of the book thought Under the Dome the TV series is a disgrace, and nothing like the book. They said the following: ” The story is WAY off base already, and it just started. The main story, and characters should not deviate in such a way that it no longer resembles the original work. It has so many glaring inconsistencies, I’m embarrassed for Mr. King, whose work I truly enjoy. I can’t say that I expected more, though. Every SK film adaptation has been off target. “Cujo” and “The Running Man” come to mind.” Do you agree with this Mister King fan? Did the TV series stray that much? Or is there still hope?

A final fun point to make is that some people think that the Simpson’s movie was first, and Mister King’s series came later. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because, the Under the Dome concept was an idea Stephen King had in the seventies. At the time, however, he felt it was too big to tackle; but he said the initial idea stayed with him. The title, “Under the Dome,” is mentioned in “Stephen King: The Art of Darkness” by Douglas E. Winter. In this work of nonfiction, published in 1984, Mr. King talks about a novel on which he was working in the eighties; originally, he called it “Under the Dome,” then he changed it to “The Cannibals.” Some of “The Cannibals” was posted on King’s site. He then went on to publish this book, and now in 2013 it has been made into a TV mini series. Some might say it’s a disgrace, others might agree with the fact that it’s nothing like the book, while others might be pleased that there summer might not be that boring as they initially thought.


By Georgina Pijttersen


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