Kick Nicotine with ‘Indian Tobacco’

kick nicotine with Indian Tobacco
Approximately 44 million people in the US smoke tobacco, half of which say they’d love to quite.  Though many are switching to electric cigarettes, this does nothing for the addictive effects of nicotine on the body.  Guess what?  There is hope in the world of herbs!  Have you ever heard of ‘Indian Tobacco’, also known as Lobelia?  Lobelia Inflata is a common weed, known to the natives as Indian Tobacco, and because it has non-addictive chemical compounds similar to nicotine, it can help you to kick the habit safely.

Lobelia was a favorite herb used by old time traditional doctor, herbalist Dr. Christopher (founder of The School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah).  He always called it ‘the thinking herb’ as it seemed, when combined with other herbs, it always new exactly what part of the body to take everything to.  In the case of quitting smoking, lobelia is a perfect friend, as it contains lobeline, chemically nearly identical to nicotine, but without the addictive properties. Lobeline fits into the same receptor sites as nicotine and will fill the psychological need to smoke as well as calm the nerves, being a powerful nervine.  Starting to use just a small dose of lobelia (1-2 capsules or 30-40 drops) several times per day – or whenever you feel the need to smoke – will help you ween off your tobacco addiction and will actually cause cigarettes to take disgusting to you.  So kick the nicotine habit with Indian tobacco instead.

Lobelia, also called puke weed, has a built in safety mechanism.  If you take too much of it, it has an emetic effect, in other words, you’ll throw up.  This benefit can be used to your advantage.  It is known if you take larger doses of lobelia, you will begin to vomit, and if you have been a smoker, you will also cough up the black mucous tar built up in your lungs, as lobelia is an expectorant as well.  The coughing is triggered by the vomiting and generally will last several hours once begun until the lungs are cleared out.  Now don’t be frightened of this herb and it’s powerful healing effects.  If you aren’t interested in the cleansing actions simply take it in smaller doses and it will support you in quitting nicotine.

At one point, lobelia was taken off the market by the FDA, claiming it could cause death.  This was a scare tactic and based on one study done by isolating only one constituent,  injecting it into rats repeatedly until they died.  The whole lobelia herb is completely non-toxic, and as mentioned, has a safety valve built in by nature.  You cannot overdose on something that makes you throw up if you take too much.

If you are like more than 22 million smokers in this country who wish they could quit, perhaps lobelia, or Indian Tobacco, is what you’ve been searching for to help you kick the nicotine habit.  Lobelia is safe, inexpensive and widely available.  Many who have tried lobelia have recommended using it in combination with a healthy diet, meditation (visualizing yourself smoke-free) and possible acupuncture treatments for realigning your system.  Lobelia Inflata can be a great assistant in your quest to stop smoking and bring more health and vitality into your life.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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