Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Violate Baby’s Rights

Allowed To Sell Pictures Of Their Precious Baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Violate Baby's Rights

Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West suddenly have grown very serious after their baby girl was born. First of all there was almost no time to be in the spotlight. Especially Miss Kardashian did her very best not to be photographed anywhere. Then they made it clear that they would nail anyone to the cross of public shaming if they found out they had intentions of selling the first baby pics.

(Kim had achieved this by cunningly sending her “friends” several baby pictures and to wait and see which one of them would sell them to the highest bidder. The joke was on the friend though because Kim hadn’t shared to pictures of baby North. But pictures of another baby.) However what are their baby’s rights. Does North want to be famous? Are the parents, in this case Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, allowed to sell the pictures of their precious baby? It violates her right of privacy, doesn’t it?

However it seems like Kim and Kanye are taking things further by actually letting their lawyers work for their salary. They have issued a cease and desist legal letter to a company who were involved with a charity auction of honour of the birth of baby North. (These people violate the rights of Kimye in this case.)

The hard facts:

  • Jonathan Hay of Jonathan Hay Publicity mentioned details of a painting that depicts Kanye West and that it would be auctioned of between June 19 and July 3 for a good cause. Mister Hay added that it was because Kanye and Kim Kardashian didn’t want presents but money for the charity.
  • Mister Hay said there was a disclaimer explaining that the West and Kardashian power couple had nothing to do with it this wasn’t enough according to the couples lawyers. The customers were deceived.

(Even though apparently Baby North deserves no baby’s rights. Because her parents own her and therefore can violate/sell her pictures for as much money as they can, it violates her private domain. Quite shameful. And to which charity does that money go? To buy back North’s anonymity?)

  • Lisa M. Buckley the lawyer of Kim and Kanye wrote:  “While our clients certainly have no objections to yours and Mr. Michael A. Smith’s desire to donate money to the Charity, and in fact would applaud your making a donation, you cannot do so under the guise that it is pursuant to a request by our clients, that your activity is sanctioned or approved by Ms. Kardashian and Mr. West, or are involved in any way with your ‘charity auction.’ Yet, this is exactly what you have done.”

Do you think this Mister Hay has taken things too far? Do you think he deserves this public scrutiny even though he wanted to help a charity and probably thought the best and easiest way to get attention was by pretending the whole auction was endorsed and approved by West and Kardashian? It was ballsy of him to include these two. Especially because they are known for taking this seriously and for being ruthless business people.

It’s clear that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West deserve money for the baby pictures of their own baby, or do they? (Because doesn’t that violate the baby’s rights? Doesn’t the baby need a lawyer? Maybe North doesn’t even want to be famous? Maybe she just wants to lead an anonymous life. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, please reconsider! ) But to be so severe when it a charity is involved doesn’t look so becoming, now does it? They could have tried to find a solution or added it to their own charity roster. Not a great move on their part.

By Georgina Pijttersen



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