The Heat the Funniest Movie Ever Box Office Win

The Moving Going Public Has Spoken

"The Heat" The Funniest Movie Ever BOX OFFICE WIN

It’s quite clear that the moving going public has spoken. Today and yesterday Sandra Bullock’s, and Melissa McCarthy’s “The Heat” beat all other movies currently being shown in the cinema. Not only did the public vote with their money but most went on twitter to express how funny the movie really had been for them. Proclaiming that “The Heat” was the funniest move ever. This movie will probably end the weekend with a box office win. (They are already in the lead.)

A few of those tweets included Christine Golinksi telling her friend, and us, Laurie Norwick: “The heat is possibly one of the most funny movies I’ve seen.” While Shelby_vandy confirmed this in almost the exact same words: “The Heat was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen #omg.” It looks like Sandra and Melissa are the winning couple.

But what is “The Heat” really about? On the surface it’s just a regular buddy-cop movie. There is one bossier cop who needs to work with the odd-ball. At first they hate each other but eventually they grow to like one another. It is surprising that it has taken years to come up with this match. We had several matches in the past, some really weird including Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks partnered with a dog etc. The closest to a women police buddy rivalry might have already been the movie with Sandra Bullock in it as well: “Miss Congeniality 2.” In that movie she plays a police veteran and her partner is a real old school cop. (A tough woman.) They had chemistry but nothing like what is going on between Sandra and Melissa, for example there was a scene with a peanut. This scene alone was the reason why most moviegoers said that “The Heat” is the funniest move ever, and if the public thinks this there will be a box office win for sure.

Melissa McCarthy said the following about it: “It was pretty surreal,” the scene is about Melissa being forced to retrieve a peanut from Bullock’s nostril. “At one point I’m like, ‘oh, she didn’t really put it up there.’ And then right before I stopped — I still am horrified by this — it really was up there, and I saw that she had shoved it. While we were shooting, I got so damn nervous. I thought, if I hit it too hard, it’s going to kill her!”

Apart from digging embarrassing around Sandra’s nostril they both had to overcome something they aren’t normally into. They, both, had to dance. They didn’t ask for a professional to assist them because they wanted to seem as natural as possible because the scene is about them being tipsy. Therefore tipsy dancing. Melissa said: “If we’re at the point in the night where we should probably dance, then it can’t be choreographed,” Sandra added: “We call it peak drinking, when you’ve peaked and you either think that you can sing, or you’re a really good dancer. We chose to think that we we’re really good dancers. It’s like when you’re in high school and you’re like, ‘Let’s do this routine for everybody; they’re going to love it!’ But our crew didn’t love it so much.”

Maybe “The Heat” crew didn’t like it but it sure translated well onto the silver screen. So far so good for this odd ball police buddy couple. Will you go and see this hilarious movie, dubbed by most as the funniest movie ever? Will you help them achieve this box office win?

By Georgina Pijttersen



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  1. Felicia   June 30, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Loved the movie but not the language Melissa had to use. It would have been just as funny without the F word over and over and over!!! Why does Hollywood think this is necessary?????


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