Kim Kardashian Baby Conspiracy?

Kim Kardashian Baby Conspiracy?

When Kim Kardashian gave birth to her baby daughter five weeks early, people started whispering. Then, Kim was being uncharacteristically quiet on the news front in the area of “details” about the birth and just what was really going on. So now it appears that we have the latest in conspiracy theories. The Kim Kardashian baby conspiracy.

Of course one reason for Kim’s unusual reticence in handing out too much information about the baby might be because of the “who’s the daddy” issue. Reportedly, Kim and Kanye have already named the little one, Kaidence Donda West, after Kim’s grandmother. It makes a certain amount of sense for them to go ahead and name the girl, even if there is an apparent problem.

The problem is a little one that deals with DNA. Allegedly, the couple are waiting for a test result to see if little “Kaidence” is really Kanye’s child or not. There has been another chap who stepped forward to claim that the child was his and because of this, the DNA test was ordered.

In a move that feels like we’re watching a Maury episode, the West and Kardashian union is waiting for “proof positive” that West won’t have to adopt the baby girl before she can legally be called a West. We agree that he whole paternity thing is interesting, but, to call it a Kim Kardashian baby conspiracy is stretching the imagination a bit too far.

But the DNA issue isn’t the only thing that has whisper’s gathering momentum. From the very start of Kim’s pregnancy with little “Kaidence” she has been insisting that the baby wasn’t due until July. Late July. Although with the paternity question now looming, it could make sense.

Not that we think for one second that Kim lied about the due date, but if she is mistaken as to who the father really is, then the early birth “could” be explainable. But it doesn’t look like the paternity problem really has too much bearing here.

Because, conspiracy theories aside, what has been revealed about Kim’s baby girl is that she was the right weight for a premature baby. People magazine reported that the baby is said to have been weighed in at “under five pounds,”) which is not unusual for a “preemie.” The magazine also reports that the baby has been in an incubator to regulate her body temperature, which is also par for the course for premature babies.

Of course, in the celebrity world, you’re damned if you and damned if you don’t. Since Kim and family have been very quiet about the baby’s birth, the rumours are starting to fly. With conspiracy theories that include Kim’s outrightly lying about the baby’s due date to get a little privacy to her paying the doctor to induce early labour before she gained any more weight.


I don’t think that there is a doctor in the world (that is a real doctor) who would induce early labour unless there was a life threatening reason; either for the baby or for the mother. But this whole conspiracy thing is gathering its own momentum.

Since Kim isn’t talking a lot about what’s happening, some people are wagging their finger and saying there is something that the 32 year-old mom is hiding.

All because Kim Kardashian has stayed off Twitter and hasn’t released a statement via her rep or publicist on what really happened in the delivery room. So the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashian news that there is a baby conspiracy that Kim is orchestrating, is quite humorous. But, with some other man stepping out of the woodwork to claim that he is the baby’s father, it would make some sense that neither Kim nor Kanye want to talk about it.

By Michael Smith


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