Kim Kardashian Stuck In A Controlling Relationship Will It Escalate?

Kanye is Up To His Old Tricks

Kim Kardashian in controlling relationship will it escalate?

Kanye West didn’t talk about his baby girl in an interview he gave recently, but talked about how he was madly impressed by Kim Kardashian. Not because his baby momma had suffered through a birth with rather serious complications, or that she had carried her huge belly for several months, (Causing people on the Internet to speculate if she was going to have twins or if she had been pregnant for a year.), none of the above, but because he thought her fashion sense was incredible. (All the while admitting that it was all because of him, that she had such an innovating and trailblazing sense of fashion.) It sounds like Kanye is up to his old tricks. Thinking that the whole world revolves around him, and only him. Does this mean that Kim is stuck in a controlling relationship? When will it escalate?

He said: “Nobody can tell my girl what to do.” (Except Kanye himself of course, he has admitted as much.) “She just needed to be given some platforms of information to work from, one beautiful thing is that as she discovers it, the world discovered it.” That is such a beautiful statement, isn’t it? Doesn’t it imply that we, the public, were just as ignorant as Kim until Kanye came along? Do we agree with that? Haven’t we seen Kim during her pregnancy in several outfits that were just plain awkward? ill-fitting, and horrible for somebody who is pregnant? Many wondered if she had even looked in the mirror, apparently she had, and Mister West gave the go-ahead. One thing we have learned from Kim is what absolutely not to wear when we are pregnant. She was a poster girl for all things odd, and to be avoided when your belly is growing.

Kanye hadn’t finished his lecture to the world. He continued: “For her to take that risk in front of the world, it just shows you how much she loves me, you got, like, a million companies saying, ‘This is impacting your brand! This is impacting your fans! And blah blah blah.’ But she still sees this light of beauty.”

However in the relationship Kanye is the only one who can tell Kim what to do, or what to wear. He doesn’t want it the other way around. He said: “It’s like yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go, Man, I’m the number-one living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix. You can’t say that you love music and then say that Kanye West can’t come on your show.” Wow, that sounds like a great father, right? Do you think Kim should get out of this scary relationship as fast as possible? Does it not sound like she is so in love, and therefore stuck in a controlling relationship? Will it escalate? What will be in store for her baby girl North?

Some commenters had the following to say about Kim, Kanye and their relationship: “A marriage that will be made in heaven, two people that exude banality that should be walking around with signs hanging from their necks, perhaps in ´gold´ like those icons of poor taste, that simply read . . . For Sale, never used Smooth Brain. Both also exude that vacuous stare, his self explanatory, fear of the unknown, (his future) and her´s, of a bovine, continuously seeking greener pasture.” Another added to this disturbing picture: “Here’s what I think. KK is so insecure and so afraid to fail again at love (it’s been how many men in how short time?) that she will do anything for Kanye. She impresses me as not being the brightest bulb, that her mom is the one with the brains. And honestly, I thought KK was more independent minded than this.”

Here is to hoping that Kim takes care of her baby Kardashian first, and thinks about this controlling relationship, if it’s healthy for her kid, and if she should run before it will escalate.


By Georgina Pijttersen


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