The Walking Dead Who is King Comic or Tv (Poll)

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The Walking Dead Who Is King Comic Or TV (poll)

The Walking Dead TV series will start again next week, however lets have a debate first. Should we watch the TV series, or are the comics better? A decision hasn’t been made, yet. Most fans are divided or see the comic apart from the TV series. Therefore we will first have a look at the Pros and Cons for the series as well as the comic. After which it’s time for you to vote: Who is King? Comic or series?

PRO series:

  • If we compare the episode “Days Gone By,” the pilot, against the comic book, fans might find the comic lacking. It doesn’t have the same flow as the episode, or the drama. Of course a handicap for the comic is limited visual means whereas the series can me more poignant.
  • Most fans loved the episode where Morgan was reintroduced. It was different from the comic, because in there, Morgan continued longer, but Lennie James had issues with other contractual obligations, and therefore they had to change the script. However most fans love crazy Morgan, now amazing Morgan, an adoration with might not be on par with comic worshipping.
  • Not as much sex as in the comics. (Depends if this is a pro or con.)

PRO comic 

  • The Pilot “Days Gone By” had been adapted to the small screen on purpose. Extra drama, and effects had been added in order to hook the public to keep on watching. However after the first The Walking Dead episode the series became dull in comparison. While the comic has a different pace, and goes in depth. (The series are targeted for a big audience, and the comics aren’t. Therefore the quality, and content aren’t the same.) The series have been changed in order for the comic book readers to also be surprised, and not know what zombie might be lurking around the next corner. Therefore in this case Comic would be King, and TV lost this battle but not the war.
  • The pacing of the series/comic has been addressed before, but when we go in more detail and analyse the series better it’s clear that a lot of it is just filler, parts to elongate the series when the comic goes through those type of things much more quickly. For example 6 episodes searching for Sophia, who is Sophia really? When nothing happens to advance the plot.
  • Lots, and lots, and more, lots of sex. Because Andrea hooks up with Dale. Maggie has sex with Glenn within five minutes of meeting him. Michonne goes down on Tyrese within minutes of being introduced to each other. Later she hooks up with Morgan and eventually Rick. Quite difficult to keep up with all these hook ups, who turned in to zombies and who gets reintroduced.


Some fans say that the comic and TV series should be seen as separate, and therefore enjoyed as two different things. This probably makes the most sense because what the TV series can do the comic can’t and vice versa.

Don’t compare The Walking Dead

Other fans go even further by saying they can’t be compared at all. Because it sometimes feels like different stories and characters, therefore comparison is not possible.

It’s your time to vote.
Who is King, comic or TV?
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By Georgina Pijttersen

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