Kim Kardashian Very Serious Complications While Giving Birth was a Threat

Her Baby Needed To Be Delivered ASAP

Kim Kardashian Very Serious Complications While Giving Birth A Threat

Shocking details have finally surfaced about the reason why baby Kimye, or now as we know her North West, was delivered weeks earlier in a natural way by her mother Kim Kardashian. While this natural way thing struck a lot of people as odd because normally, pun intended, The Kardashians don’t do normal or natural, (Kim is supposed to eat her baby’s placenta now, and baby proofing the house isn’t in the cards until the baby starts walking. Which won’t be until the child is two years old, according to Kim. A fan also tweeted this tit bit, in case you might not remember it: “Kim Kardashian gave away her cat because it was too overwhelming for her to take care of… She is now a mom, just let that sink in a little.”), there was a good reason for giving birth sooner, because apparently the birth of baby North on June 14 was definitely a necessity, there was a threat to both their lives. According to sources: “She was admitted with medical complications, and her doctor made the decision that her baby needed to be delivered. Kim had a natural birth. If Kim would have had very serious complications, her doctor would have decided to do an emergency c-section instead.” Luckily it all went well and both Kim and her daughter are doing well. (Giving the fact things seemed so dramatic and serious before.)

Apart from the birthing trauma threat, and how there would have been very serious complications while she was giving birth if the doctor would not have insisted upon delivering the baby earlier than planned, there is also a rumor that Kanye West supposedly asked his baby momma to marry him. A source said it hasn’t happened yet. The proposal that is, but the source did want to add: “I can’t imagine them not getting married. That’s in their future!” The source also explained that they are very busy with their baby girl right now. According to the source: “They’re putting work aside right now to focus on the family. They’re in it 100 percent, Kanye is already an incredibly present father. He’s very relaxed and comfortable.” Kim herself said something about marriage as well, this was back in January: “[Marriage is] something that we talk about, but I think it’s just right now [we’re] focusing on the baby,” she said. “What I’ve learned in life is—I was always such a planner, and…you think your life is going to be a certain way, and the best surprises just happen when you don’t plan.”

Apart from the wedding proposal, the birth threat issues. (Kim might want to talk about her experience, with the delivery. Maybe she can inform other pregnant ladies about what would have happened if she indeed had encountered these very serious complications while giving birth, and how things turned out for her. She might have an actual positive effect on people’s lives and make some sort of an impact.)

However lets not forget this, a gem from a Kim Twitter fan: “Make fun of Kim Kardashian’s name choice for North West if you want, but that baby is going straight to the top. And slightly to the left.”


By Georgina Pijttersen


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