Kristin Cavallari Wedding Makes You Not Want to Read This

Fairy tale ending and reasons to stop reading

Kristin Cavallari don't read this
Once upon a time before Jersey shore, there were rich teenagers who were filmed by MTV, while they were growing up in Laguna beach. Kirstin Cavallari was asked by MTV to join the rich kids group while she was in her junior year of High school. Another cast member, Stephen Colletti, was her beau, however it  wasn’t clear if they were actually dating, in between, or if Lauren Conrad was twisting the knife in Kristin’s back because she dated Stephen for a hot minute, when she was supposed to know that he was off limits, because he belonged to Kristin. As you can probably tell this huge drama wasn’t filled with intellectual conversations, uplifting physiological Epiphanies, or otherwise cutting edge TV. Nope, it was just like Cavallari’s wedding, something that makes you not want to read this, and maybe you should stop doing so right now.(Because it won’t get intellectual or socially relevant at all. If you are interested in reading more about Kirstin then by all means read on, but don’t later complain in the comments. I warned you ahead of time, something MTV never does.)

Some mildly interesting titbits about Kirstin:

– After Laguna beach Cavallari was asked to join The Hills, however she was cast as the bad guy, or girl or better yet its should just be called the unfortunate role, because she had pissed off Lauren Conrad. Lauren wasn’t more popular than Kirstin at the time, but Conrad played the victim role better than Cavallari could play the wrongfully accused. Maybe this was MTV’s intention, but it meant that Kirstin could never win. All through The Hills she was persona non grata.

– Lauren Conrad decided to design fashion, and write books after she had wrapped The Hills. Kristin Cavallari in true form tried the same, but went further by trying to act as well. (Of course her acting skills had been properly honed on the “reality TV show”, but apparently she needed more than that to make it in Hollywood. Every movie she was in went straight to DVD.) You might want to skip that movie, not read anything about her wedding, and it makes you probably want to stop reading this. Why not read about the Asteroid that might be approaching earth right now? NASA and the Asteroid

– We do need to give Kristin credit for the fact that she does care about other human beings. In 2010 she traveled to El Salvador to do charity work. She learned something there, mainly that she now saw her life in perspective, and she appreciated everything she has that much more. She found that seeing the children happy, and excited made her feel better than ever.

This fairy tale story does have it’s fairy tale ending. Of course it wouldn’t be a good story if there wouldn’t have been some struggles. In 2010 Kirstin started dating Jay Cutler from the Chicago bears. They had a romantic moment in Spring 2011, and became engaged. The engagement was called off in July 2011, and the couple decided not to continue together. However this didn’t last long because in November of that same year they were together again. Before the wedding Cavallari gave birth to a son in August 2012. Finally the end you had been hoping for on June 7, 2013, they were joined in holy matrimony. Lets hope they are crazy happy, and won’t bother us anymore. Therefore Kristin will prevent you from reading articles likes this. She makes you want to read nothing like this. (Or does she?)

By Georgina Pijttersen


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