NASA Discovers that Amazon is in Real Danger.

The Amazon rainforest is the house of the largest collection of living insects, animals and plans

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NASA revealed, with high technology data of satellites that the Amazon rainforest has lost thirty thousand miles of land in a few years. NASA compiled some information and the numbers are alarming.

Some of the sources for the wildfires come from human activity such as camping, cooking, cars and cigarettes.

The Amazon is in real danger because fires are destroying more acres of rainforest than deforestation itself. The Amazon rainforest covers Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

When the fire starts it can spread for about 330 feet (100 meters) per minute (85, 500 square kilometers), or 2.8 percent of the forest.

The called “understory fire”, this type of wildfire couldn´t be located before, because it was hidden from regular detectors. But this new method developed by NASA shows an estimate of the damage that the wildfire is causing in the Amazon.

Doug Morton of NASA explained, “Amazon forests are quite vulnerable to fire, given the frequency of ignitions for deforestation and land management at the forest frontier, but we’ve never known the regional extent or frequency of these devastating fires”

The study explains also why climate change is playing a very important role in determining the fire risk in the Amazon, it can damage large areas because the Amazon trees are not adapted to fire.

Morton said, “we don´t have a robust estimate of what the net carbon emissions are from understory fires, but widespread damages suggest that they are important source of emissions that we need to consider”.

The Global warming, as usual, has something to do with the understory fires, because temperatures are getting higher and that will be enough to cause severe fires.

In 2012, weather help to prevent massive fires, Central Pacific and North Atlantic were cooler than usual, and that leads to rainfall in the south of Amazon before the fire season started, NASA also concluded that, in 1997 and 1998, the opposite occurred, because there were warm waters in the Pacific Ocean (El Niño), which make the rainfall go north.

Some scientists from the University of California, Irvine, concluded that the soil moisture is another sign that can lead to wildfires. Yang Chen from UC Irvine showed that storage of low water can lead to a more flammable vegetation. The team from NASA is using the satellites to track the low water signs months ahead.

Researchers at NASA concluded that the recovery of the rainforest varies, for example, deforestation does not show signs of recovery for at least two years and the degradation left from understory fires dissipate as the forest regrows.

As Morton collected this information, he met with leaders of Brazil and Peru to discuss the model´s 2012 and 2013 fire forecast. They will try to use the forecast information, “with this forecasting system we´re hoping to build some advanced warming about whether the Amazon region is facing a fire year or a flood year”, Morton concluded.

The Amazon rainforest is the house of the largest collection of living of insects, birds, fish, mammals, and thousands of different plants and trees. The Amazon is a sanctuary, it is a rainforest that some countries have the privilege to share territory with, but is not ours.

What should we do for the Amazon?

Make laws to protect it

Consume it all.

Do something to stop the global warming

Doesn´t matter, is not affecting me

By: Oskar Guzman.
SOURCE: NASA, JPL.nasa; Natureworldnews; Fox news

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