Lil Wayne talks seizures, retirement and the Miami Heat (video)

Lil Wayne talks seizures, retirement and the Miami Heat (video)

Lil Wayne recently stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show and during the interview Lil Wayne talked about his recent seizures, retirement and the rumors of him being banned from Miami Heat home games. Jimmy Kimmel and Lil Wayne began the interview with a few jokes but the interview turned a bit serious as they begin talking about Lil Wayne’s seizures and his most recent hospital stay. In talking about his most recent seizure Lil Wayne says he was at home at the time and for a short time was upstairs alone when he begin to seize. It was one of his friends who was downstairs who came up and noticed Wayne Seizing and called paramedics.

Also, Lil Wayne talked about his possible retirement but only after he releases the Carter V. Lil Wayne in the interview said that he hopes to spend more quality with his children and also mentioned his 14 year old daughter’s book which was recently released. However, Lil Wayne still does not have a date for when the Carter V will be released but it will not be his next album as the rapper stated in the interview. As for now Lil Wayne is focused on his I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING II album and his upcoming AMERICA’S MOST WANTED tour with fellow rappers T.I and 2 Chainz which kicks off July 5th.

During the interview Lil Wayne did talk on matters of him being banned at Miami Heat games and said that it is just not true. Lil Wayne who said he is a Laker fan said this: “It’s not true. I didn’t get banned because they did tell me that I’m allowed back whenever I want. But um, I don’t think they want me there so I won’t make it harder on either of us.”

Watch the full interview of Lil Wayne with Jimmy Kimmel below:

-Kelly J Newson

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