Madeleine Born a Princess and 9 Other Became Queens by Marriage

romanticism keeps the world spinning in its axis

Madeleine was Born a Princess but Simple Women Became Queens

The world is talking about the wedding of Madeleine of Sweden, she got married with Christopher O´Neill, a banker of New York. She was born a Princess, but her mother was born a simple woman, who became Queen. Mr O´Neill announced that he won´t change his name.

Meanwhile, girls and women are flipping the covers of magazines, tablets or smartphones around the world, trying to find out what kind of gown Princess Madeleine wore? How beautiful the shoes were? Who is the prince charming? Or if there was a tiara involved? Well, is because romanticism keeps the world spinning in its axis.

That´s why the reason why we love royalty and their lavish and extravagant weddings. They are perfect. Some of this girls, like you, one day dreamed about marrying a prince and become a princess. They wished to meet a guy and become the Cinderella of their own stories. By luck this women met a guy, fell in love and got married.

Once upon a time simple women became queens:

1.- Queen Consort Silvia of Sweden, she was an interpreter when she met King Carl XVI. Her mother was Brazilian and her father German.

2.- Queen consort of Netherlands, Maxima Zorreguieta, she has a degree in Economics. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She married King Willem-Alexander.

3.- Princess consort of Monaco, Grace Kelly, she studied physical education. She was born in Philadelphia, U.S. And she was married to Rainier III of Monaco.

4.- Princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz, she was a journalist. She is from Oviedo, Spain. She is married to Princess Felipe of Asturias.

5.- Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, “Kate”, Elizabeth Middleton. She studied Art History. She is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and is expected to become Queen Consort.

6.- Empress Catherine I of Russia, in 1724 she married Peter I of Russia. She was a mistress and house hold maid.

7.- Queen Anne Boleyn of England, she married Henry VIII. She was only the granddaughter of the 2nd Duke of Norfolk.

8.- Empress consort of the french Joséphine de Beauharnais, she married Napoleon I. She was part of a wealthy family that owned a sugar plantation.

9.- Queen consort of England Catherine Howard. She was the fifth wife of Henry VIII. She was the first cousin of Ann Boleyn.

In old times Kings would marry Princesses, Duchesses, Baronesses, etc; because they needed alliances with another powerful Royal Houses in order to gain power. Therefore, if you didn´t have a title or royal blood in your veins, then you weren´t eligible to be part of the royal élite. But in history there have been some exceptions to the rule, and love at the end of the day is more important than anything else.

Written by: Oskar Guzman

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