Man of Steel and the DC Universe


With Man of Steel weekend underway can this movie bring in what people hope?

This film was made for over $200 million not only will it have Superman on it’s shoulders and the rest of the DC universe. It has the power to make or break Warner Bros. Warner Bros. in the last few, months hasn’t had the best showing for this once most stable studio. Marvel and Disney has made comic book movies a great thing to go to not for only those of us comic book fans, but those who love super heroes and a good story.

I can say that didn’t give Iron Man 3 a five-star rating because it didn’t work as well as I’d hope. Yes, I did spend the money to see it in 3D, but as I analyzed what I saw as if I were to have written it myself. I saw many flaws, and I felt robbed. I know some felt the same, but hey it, nevertheless, made over a Billion dollars.

With those who’ve already seen Man of Steel, I’ve seen many good reviews. So I have high hopes for this one. But I was one who kind of liked Superman Returns until I watched it for the 3rd time and saw mistakes in the structure, and other kinds of mistakes. But again, I did think Green Lanturn was just so out of this world good, okay, for the first viewing again. Hey, I’m weird I like things until I take a deeper look, in most cases it’s all good other times it’s not so much.

Back to what we have at hand which I hope it’s the best and can launch or re-launch DC like Batman did. A Justice League movie would be Awesome.

If Kevin (The Great, in my book) Smith likes it, then why wouldn’t I? He himself has written for comic books and scripts. He has the eye for things like this. Right? If he said on Twitter that “you’ll wish Russell Crowe was YOUR dad” (Which he did post on Twitter). Would you believe him? I sure hope I’m not wrong in doing so, but I won’t know that until the fire settles a bit, and I can go to the theatre without all the people. I like getting into my movies with no distractions, mmmKaay.

With Man of Steel being a near 3hrs prior to cutting. What did they cut? Would it add to the story or was the extras just that, extras? If the original cut was near 3hrs why couldn’t we get that version out of the gate. I will watch it this holiday season when it comes to Blu-ray, but I won’t like how much time I had to wait, or if I don’t like it. How disappointed I will be, but again that is until then.

Mr. Zack Snyder has stated that you can go over the mark of two hours and twenty minutes (the most that us movie goers can handle, I guess some say), but “it depends if it’s a sequel. On a sequel, you tend to give – you can get a little longer…” This does give rise to hope if (when) there’s a sequel that it will be the correct amount of time. No cuts whatsoever.

I myself can’t wait to see what kind of Easter eggs have been placed in for us fans. I do see with all the hype and hoopla that it will make the money back that it took to make it. I also see it doing well overall with all the reviews. I say go help Warner Bros. out and go see Man of Steel. Not only will you help keep a studio going. You will further help get the DC Universe to the big screen.

Until I get a chance to see it, myself let me know what you thought of it down below in the comment’s section. I’ll get this puppy updated with my thoughts on Man of Steel soon.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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