Melissa Mccarthy Swimming in So Much Hate

This Person Deemed It Necessary to Call Melissa All Kinds of Names

Melissa McCarthy swimming in hate

Melissa wasn’t talking about herself when she said: “Swimming in so much hate,” she was actually talking about the film critic from The New York Observer. This person deemed it necessary to call Melissa all kinds of names related to her size. He didn’t critique her acting abilities, or comedic talent, he only rambled on and on about her size. Luckily McCarthy doesn’t let it go to her head.

Painful review
Melissa is very level headed, and spoke about how she is so involved in her two daughters lives, and running around after them that these type of critiques do not really affect her. (It probably will be painful for her either way, but she isn’t letting those type of comments getting her down.) McCarthy thinks that the reviewer must be “Swimming in so much hate,” if he thinks all these mean things.

Disorted body image
McCarthy also talked about how in many countries there is such a different and distorted view about our own bodies and body image. Young girls might get the wrong impression if somebody can write all these hurtful, mean, and, unjust things. The girls might start thinking that being overweight is really bad, and if you are, you won’t be socially accepted. Of course being very overweight or obese is not a good thing, health wise, for anybody, but nobody has the right to call other people bad names simply because they’re different.

The reviewer made a mistake
In addition it is sad to see that Melissa has to defend herself against these type of hurtful critiques written by reviewers, who seem to be swimming in so much hate, which might be caused by just plain old jealousy. The worst is, that these critiques aren’t even related to her acting abilities, when it should be about her new movie. In all earnest, has this reviewer accomplished anything remotely similar to McCarthy? Does this reviewer have a socially accepted body? Or might he be so ugly he feels the need to make fun of others? Rex, the name of The New York Observer reviewer, has made a mistake. He hadn’t thought of all the women who might have a similar body type as Melissa’s, or at least identify with her.

Family woman
Rex hadn’t thought of anybody else’s feelings but his own. Melissa is a great example, she is successful, doesn’t adhere to anybody else’s standards, and is really funny. She also has a lovely family with two daughters, and a husband. Not something that comes easy in Hollywood. McCarthy might want to promote healthy living, being happy in one’s own skin, and not listening to bullies. Melissa is right that most reviewers are “Swimming in so much hate,” because they couldn’t be successful like her or would like to be as happy as she is.

A sprinkle of Melissa’s courage
Melissa McCarthy should continue being happy, and extremely funny. She should enjoy her family life, and her career. We all could use a sprinkle of Melissa’s courage, and not let any of the haters who exist in our own lives be of importance. We should shrug it off as well, and just go see McCarthy’s new movie. Because nothing can be done about people who are swimming in so much hate they feel the need to lash out at you.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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