Menopause Caused By Men?

menopause caused by men
Well, ladies, we always wanted to blame men for our problems, this time there may be scientific evidence to back us up. Could menopause have been caused by men? Recent research suggests that historically, men opting to mate with younger women caused an evolutionary shift in older women, putting them into the now – menopausal state – because they were no longer needed for childbearing.

Menopause is the supposedly ‘natural’ stage of a woman’s life where she stops being able to reproduce.  Historically, according to findings, it is an anomaly experienced by no other creature and was not a part of earlier human life.  The study looks at the way evolution works and the idea of the ones best adapted for the growing need as flourishing, while the rest of the population somehow changes. This was apparently the case with older women becoming infertile due to becoming unnecessary for breeding.  There is also the suggestion that if older women would have, instead, chosen younger men to mate with, that the situation would have reversed causing infertility in men instead.  It seems that women used to reproduce into their much later years and only fairly recently has that changed.

So, what is the answer?  Is there a way to reverse menopause and allow women to be able to have children later in life if they choose to?  According to researchers that may in fact be possible.  Remember, it was a lack of need that apparently triggered the body changes, not the other way around.  Science is looking at the possibility that women may in fact have a much larger, not smaller window for childbearing than previously thought.

Yoga can help

There are several things that can help women get back on track to their life-long reproductive capacity if they choose it.  One of those things is yoga.  Yoga helps to keep the body systems in peak working order, especially the endocrine glands, responsible for hormone production and mood.  According to many women experiencing the onset of menopause yoga is greatly beneficial in reducing uncomfortable symptoms and easing them into later life more balanced.  Potentially, yoga could do more than that.

When coupled with a positive mindset and clear intentions, yoga can be a force for great change, as it aligns your body like no other system on the planet.  Yoga means ‘union’ and actually brings together the mind with the emotions and the body to create an almost impenetrable experience of health and wholeness.  Many who have suffered from illnesses including cancer and other life threatening diseases have found incredible healing take place through their yoga practice. When you are able to unite strong mental conviction, emotional fortitude and bodily strength over the same issue, you are bound to win. So often we set these three factors in opposition against one another to our own detriment.

Many claim that hormone replacement therapy can prevent menopause, so what if instead of waiting for their disappearance and replacing them, you simply took measures to keep hormones healthy and balanced from the start?  Yoga can do just that. Even if menopause was caused by men, it is not up to the men, but the women of this culture to do something to change it – if they so desire.

Believing is Seeing 

One of the biggest barriers to change in this world and especially this culture is the collective beliefs that hold us together in the shape we’re in.  Even if something is scientifically ‘proven’ it is not until we embrace it as a people that it becomes a defining principle of who we are.  Look at quantum physics.  So much is known through this ‘newer’ form of science that completely blows basic physics out of the water, and yet these are not the laws which seem to govern most people.

With menopause, just look on the world-wide web, even under ‘natural remedies’ or metaphysical definitions, you will still be hard-pressed to find any information that denies the existence of menopause as a healthy, natural part of life.  Spiritual traditions, such as the pagan, Wicca and Celtic faiths use the stage of menopause as a marker symbolizing the Crone – or the wise woman phase of life.  In other words, the idea of not needing menopause, or not having it anymore could be a strange concept to many in this world and would require a belief shift in order to accomplish such a change.

Many women look forward to menopause as a time of relief from their monthly cycle, ‘keeping’ their blood and retaining the wisdom that has seemed to cycle in and out their entire lives.  For these women, I would say menopause has become a beautiful thing and has no need for change.  Other women are saddened at the thought of leaving behind their ‘younger child-bearing’ years and becoming ‘old.’  For these women, I would encourage the notion that perhaps the feelings in their heart signal a greater truth for them, that perhaps it is unnecessary to go through this ‘change’ and instead – something could be shifted within their belief structure and attitude in order to allow the physical transformation to happen differently or not occur for them.

Science doesn’t know all the answers and neither do I, though many could speculate that choosing to act younger, participate in ‘younger’ activities and choosing to stop seeing yourself as ‘aging’ could all be important steps in missing the menopause train.  Perhaps letting go of remembering how old you are and choosing to express how vital you feel instead could alter the way men and society respond to you, therefore causing menopause to miss you entirely.  If feelings of ‘not being needed’ contributed to the onset of menopause originally, than surely knowing yourself to be an important contribution to relationships and the world could create its opposite – however that may look for you.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Holistic Care; US news; Guardian UK; Prevention

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