Meteorites aided Egyptians in ET communication?

Meteorite aid Egyptians in ET communication
Meteorites were recently discovered in an ancient tomb in Egypt fashioned as beads. The beads made from meteorite were worn by Egyptian royalty, but why? Some believe it is because meteorite, being from outer space, aided the Egyptians in Extraterrestrial communication.

Those who study the energetic and metaphysical properties of stones say that meteorite would help one to become ‘attuned’ to the vibration of the cosmos. It has been said that Ancient Egypt was very likely to have had extraterrestrial connections, based on the construction of the pyramids alone. There are some very interesting facts about the pyramids which make one question the assistance had in their assembly, such as the size of the boulders and the precision in which these massive stones fit together. That’s not all. The positioning of the 4 main pyramids line up exactly with the Orion star system. The perimeter of Giza, divided, gives you 3.14, the number of Pi, a seemingly impossible feat to have been random – and questionable at best whether this information would have been known by the humans living at the time of construction.

Many cultures around the world revere meteorite with it’s other-worldly powers. China considered these precious rocks from the sky to be gifts from heaven, and the Kabaa in Mecca is a meteorite, which has been cherished and honored by the Moslem community for centuries. Some say that meteorite helps them to remember that we are not from here…but somewhere out there.

Given the other clues found by archaeologists, historians and spiritual seekers who have studied ancient Egyptian culture and it’s many anomalies, it is plausible that meteorites could have aided the Egyptians in ET communication. There is what’s termed ‘Radio Scatter’ communication that has been developed during meteor showers, which allows scientists to utilize the ionization trail made by meteors to send messages much farther than normal. This is experimental and still in it’s amateur stages, but could be pointing to the possibilities available when working with meteorite – to communicate beyond this world, much like quartz -and it’s place in computers -has enabled the world wide communication we enjoy today.

Dr. Ala Shaheen, head of Cairo University archaeology, voiced the possible connection between ancient Egyptians and extraterrestrials when asked about alien technology within the pyramids by saying “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world.”  

Meteors, like the ones found recently crafted as beads in Egypt, are largely composed of nickel, a “signature of iron meteors.”  King Tut was found to have a mysterious green glass piece in his necklace, that later was identified as meteorite.  The two possible sites where this strange glass could have come from still baffles scientists who say the impact where these odd green sheets were found do not bare the signs of a normal meteor impact.  This glass was analyzed and was found to have black swirls of iridium within it.  Iridium is an element used in satellite communication and is said to have consciousness-raising properties.

Ever heard of ORMEs or ‘ORMUS?’   David Hudson is the modern day ‘re-discoverer’ of ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements), which is a combination of 11 elements – Nickel and Iridium being 2 of them. According to findings, these elements may be the bridge between mind and matter, as they have some sort of affect on consciousness and our ability to communicate to ‘what is beyond’ by accessing the zero-point field.

With Egyptians utilizing meteorite in so many different forms and creating structures of such vast proportion, there is little room to argue that it was possible they were communicating with some form of extraterrestrial life, receiving aid and guidance.  Many hieroglyphs show images of crafts that are not of this world and images of beings that we would term undoubtedly ‘alien.’  Perhaps there is something to be learned from all of these clues.  Those who sell pieces of meteorite in ‘new age’ shops will explicitly not sell these precious metal to ‘just anyone.’  They believe that the energies available to the wearer are too much for most people to process or handle.  Curious?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Metaphysical properties of Meteorite; Global Rumblings; Astro Surf and Meteor Scatter; Age of Lucidity; The ORMEs link; Extraterrestrial Connection; Pakistan Today

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  2. Katrina Pohl-Manley   June 2, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Sure! Why not in the science section?
    Einstein promoted imagination. If it sparks curiosity and questioning and further research, it can’t be a bad thing. I personally don’t believe that it was used to communicate in the way the article suggests, but in honor of science, humanity, and just our basic, overall beautiful nature to question what we find in this world, I always leave the door cracked to the realm of all possibilities. So, call me a moron for that… Who cares : p
    “A little nonsense now and then; relished by the wisest men” – Willy Wonka

    • JohnI   June 2, 2013 at 11:40 am

      I agree a little nonsense should be relished but this is a lot of nonsense. You do humanity, curiosity nor science no honor but considering such complete garbage.

  3. JohnI   June 2, 2013 at 9:27 am

    “Some believe it is because meteorite, being from outer space, aided the Egyptians in Extraterrestrial communication.”

    …And some people are complete F’n morons who will believe the stupidest thing possible.

  4. Charles M. Younger   June 1, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    This is in the science section? Please.

  5. A   June 1, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    This is irresponsible, idiotic, and certainly doesn’t belong in the “science” category. Who writes this crap? Stop contributing to peoples’ ignorance. Humanity has enough problems already.


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