Michelle Obama can Teach Senegal’s First Lady Marieme Faye About Travel Fashion (Video)

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s aptitude in wardrobe fashion during travel in Africa confronted that of First Lady Marieme Faye of Sengal betowing invaluable teaching points. In the week long trip of Africa, color coordination seemed very apparent in the dress of the top officials.

First Lady Obama stepped off the air plane in South Africa wearing a look warrant of international travel. She sported an extended length striking dress coat with matching polished shoes and crisp blouse for the occasion. She could have posed for the cover of Vanity Magazine with her stylish headdress.

The coordinating pearl set of the first lady exemplified her elegance as the fashion ambassador for the U.S. overseas. America’s fashion culture was in full display as South African onlookers gawked at America’s ruling couple’s departure from the flying fortress U.S. Air Force One.

Many critics affirm that First Lady Obama could have been more ostentatious in her South African flight line appearance. As always Michelle Obama kept critics on their heels guessing what’s coming next in regards to her fashion manner. Michelle Obama can definitely teach Senegal’s First Lady Marieme Faye a thing or two about fashion while on travel.

First Lady Obama went toe to toe during photo ops with First Lady Marieme Faye to kick off a week long tour of South Africa. At the Presidential Palace in Dakar the two stood waving and smiling as they modeled pastel colors coordinating with the dark suits of their respective spouses.

Marieme Faye’s style is different from the American first lady in that she favors the traditional caftans of Senegalese paired with modern sunglasses, polished make up and stylish leather hand bags. The caftan is an ankle length pull over robe and it’s the national wear of the country much like the American business suit.

Michelle Obama wore a tie-dye zero, Maria Cornejo dress upon her initial landing in Senegal from the designers Pre-Fall 2013 collection. With the inventive pattern and lovely drape to the dress it complimented the first lady’s styled hair. The first lady’s dress ware set the tone for her recurrent appearances upon the African continent.

First Lady Obama has a style that is more body-conscious and her color schemes patterns are anything but monotonous. The many layered dress of First Lady Marieme Faye is in stark contrast of Michelle Obama’s style of dress. However, Faye’s personality could be viewed as humble and approachable in contrary of her fashion prowess.

Michelle Obama could do well to teach her counterpart Fist Lady of Senegal Marieme Faye about the intricacies of Fashion travel.

By Thomas Barr

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    Michelle’s dress in the above picture is inappropriate for ANY international outing. Madam Sall can teach her about looking decent in foreign countries***


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