Miley Cyrus Takes a Shot to the Head (Video)

Miley Cyrus takes a shot to the head.

Okay, I’ll admit that perhaps I am a bit too preoccupied with Miley Cyrus’ new music video. But I had to relay this last bit of information. (It is the last bit, I promise) In an article I read just now, someone pointed out the “Top Ten Weirdest Things that Happened in Miley’s New Video.” I read it and some clever chap pointed out in the comments that, “You forgot to mention her getting kicked in the head.” I looked and sure enough the 20 year-old singer takes a shot to the head from a sneakered foot.

I have to say that I am amazed that to have missed it. Possibly my attention was more drawn to the ever present phallic imagery or the overwhelming sexual high-jinks or even the money references.

In the area of money references I will point out that I knew already that bread equates to money, even pointing it out my first time writing about the video, but I have to point out to the person who wrote the “Ten Weird Things” article that the hot dogs that come out of the piñata are cooked and not raw.

Just Saying.

I actually disagreed with the other writer’s version of what counts as weird and what doesn’t. But as they say, “different strokes.” I did have to watch the oversexed and overblown antics in the music video one last time to see where the “hip-hop-pop” star got smacked in the head with someone’s shod foot.

It actually happens between 3:03 and 3:04 in the music video. Miley is wrestling “playfully” with another girl (yes we’ve already pointed out the bisexual nature of the video, thank you) and a huge sneakered foot comes down onto Miley’s shoulder and then violently lands on the 20 year-old’s head.

Seeing Miley Cyrus take a shot to the head like that in the video made me think of another song, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head which was done fairly recently by Robbie Williams. I wonder if Miley should do a remix of the song? It couldn’t hurt, at least not as much as her real kick in the head.

It must have hurt like crazy, because you can see by the edit that they’ve had to re-cut that bit. From the force of the un-intentional kick to the head, poor Miley’s head must have bounced off the floor!

But back to the weird list; no one else has mentioned the “smoking crotches” that (pardon the pun) blew me away. The fellow’s holding the smoke spouting tubes between their legs must have been wearing an asbestos jock strap! While Miley’s new video is hot, it’s nowhere near as hot as that tube must have been!

Despite gratuitous sexual connotations and the obvious references to money and a party till you drop mentality in the video, it is a catchy song. The video with it’s “twerking” and butt grabbing does feel kind of “hip-hop-y”. And you don’t even have to watch the video for the song to get stuck rather annoyingly in your head.

I will give Miley Cyrus full credit for a music video that she obviously worked very hard on, despite her appearing to be having the time of her young life. She’s prepared to suffer for her art and she shows it by taking a shot to the head that must have come close to knocking her out. Don’t ever say that the popstar hasn’t “busted her nut” for her fans. Watch the video, again, and see her get kicked in the head.

By Michael Smith


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