Moon Today is New – are You?

moon is new are you?
The moon is in it’s darkest phase today, sitting closest to the sun and inhibiting our view of it’s light. This phase is called the new moon, and some would say it symbolizes newness, are you feeling it?  In many cultures this phase of the moon is quite significant and can be a most anticipated moment in the month’s cycle for beginning new ventures.

In the Hindu culture, it is common for people to wait until the new moon to start a new job, saying that it is an auspicious, or energetically beneficial moment.  In the Chinese and Mayan calendars, the new moon marks the beginning of a new month.  Buddhist Chinese observers might practice a vegetarian diet today as a cleansing practice in order to enter the cycle, as well as again on the full moon.  The Jewish calendar also begins anew today and is called Rosh Chodesh.  A special prayer is even recited in Jewish tradition for each new moon saying:  “May it be Your will… that You renew this month for us for good and for blessing.”  Wicca and Celtic traditions also honor this time of the month as one of renewal, new births and beginnings.  Are you feeling the new of the moon today?

New moon in Astrology

At this time, the sky is showing us a most unique configuration know as a ‘grand trine’ in astrology.  This means three planets are at 120 degrees from each other, forming a triangle.  Today it is Saturn, Neptune and Venus sitting in this configuration, all of them in water signs, according to astrological interpretations – a great time to get in touch with your feelings.  Well known astrologer and Hawaiian teacher, Pai’e, explains the energies of this particular grand trine like this:  “This is very good for healing and releasing the past, intuiting spiritually and creating artistically, choosing love over fear and being in the flow.”  Grand trine’s cause a synergistic effect between the energies of all the planets involved, multiplying their individual influences triple.

Besides a powerful grand trine, this new moon also sits in the astrological house of Gemini, ruled by Mercury – planet of communications.  With all the watery influence of the trine today, be aware of your interactions with family, neighbors and co-workers, try and keep communications from getting too emotional.  If you are feeling your feelings more than normal, take time alone or in nature to ground those emotions into the earth, allowing for a fresh start.

Another look at the moon

According to Tibetan philosophy, the new moon is a time to breath in deeply, and become calm in the mind and body.  It is an internal time where your soul, or higher self, can give you information about your life purpose and dreams.  It is a time for inner reflection, quiet and contemplation of your motives.  Tibetans believe the moon represents ‘form’, and so the new moon is a great time for considering what it is you would like to bring to this form, or what form you wish to create.

Isn’t it refreshing to think you have a reset built into every month?  How many of us actually take advantage of this new energy and let it play a part in the renewal of our lives?  Sometimes life seems to be a never ending spiral and stacking of experiences, that can often times seem overwhelming.  If we can make it a point to notice the new moon, and let it be the trigger which allows us to start things fresh, we would never feel depleted and perhaps could retain health and longevity more successfully.

Many call the new moon ‘a blank page’, a marking point from which you can ‘start anew’ every month.  So, no matter what your spiritual beliefs or if you resonate with astrology, you can always pick out the moon in the sky and determine it’s phases.  Any way you slice it, an empty, dark or new moon is without definition, and can be seen as a new place to begin again.  Whether it is a project, job, relationship, or simply just the thoughts you are having this day, while the moon is in a new phase, why not you be new too?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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