Donterrious Porter Looks to Make Rare NFL Dream Reality

Luther College Corner back Donterrious Porter is trying to make his NFL dream a reality and play professionally this season.
Luther College Corner back Donterrious Porter is trying to make his NFL dream a reality and play professionally this season.

Playing in the NFL is a dream of many collegiate athletes, yet for the division three player, it is usually nothing more than a pipe dream. Donterrious Porter is looking to make his dream a reality, no matter how rare it is for a small school player to play professional football. The corner back is getting some attention from NFL squads, but as of yet has not fielded a contract offer.

Since 1991, only 19 players have beat the odds and made an NFL roster after playing division three football. The long odds haven’t deterred the former Luther College star corner back from keeping his hopes up that a team would come calling. He went undrafted last season, and sat out of football as a result. However recently he has rekindled his hopes.

“I had a dream in the summertime that an NFLĀ coach told me to have faith and be patient. I actually wound up talking to that team, so I thought it was a little ironic.” Porter said to

Corner back is one of the positions that a team requires the most depth at.The spread offense that nearly every offense runs forces defenses to rotate many defensive backs onto the field at the same time. Although corner is considered by some coaches as the hardest position to play in the game, considering the rules are constantly stacked against them in order to protect players, Porter has shined against the tops of division three competition for years.

Division three competition is not nearly at the level of division one, giving him little experience against top notch NFL caliber players. When one examines his game tapes however, you can’t help but notice how he thrives in game situations, shutting down opponent receivers with superior technique. His technique appears to be poised to transfer over well to the professional game, giving him a shot at success should a team come calling.

Donterrious Porter continues life as usual while he continues to attempt to make his rare NFL dream a reality. He still works his part time job stocking shelves at Sam’s Club and staying in shape working out with his former high school coaches. He also takes care of his young niece and nephew during the day.

Not taking a contact drill in over a year after being out of the game does not mean that he is out of game shape according to Donterrious Porter. He cites his workout regiment and mental preparation as reasons that he would still be able to thrive if given an opportunity, despite not taking a hit in a year.

Slightly undersized for an NFL corner back at 5’10” and only 185 lbs, he possesses the speed to make up for this disadvantage. He runs a 4.52 40 yard dash, and has good power for a man his size. The bench press test was passed with flying colors by the NFL hopeful, putting up 225 lbs an impressive 17 times.

No word yet on whether or not we will see Donterrious Porter make an NFL roster, but several teams appear interested in giving the former Luther College star a shot come training camp. If Donterrious Porter can make training camp and make a roster, he stands a chance to make the rare NFL dream of a division three star a reality. He would be just the 20th player to make the leap from division three to the NFL since 1991.

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