Sarah Jessica Parker when the high heeled shoe fits

Manolo Blahnik to help Carrie Bradshaw approved shoes to see the light of day

Sarah Jessica Parker carrie bradshaw

Lets all rejoice, there is a reason to talk about Carrie Bradshaw again. We never have forgotten about our beloved Sex and The City gal pals. We still miss them to this day. What would Charlotte be up to now with her children, and bald man? Would she still be as lovable up tight as always, or might her children have changed that? Is Miranda still with her man? Did they screw it up for another time? Samantha might be the eternal enigma wrapped in a bed sheet. Still it would be marvelous to see what she has been doing of late. We do need to forget a bit about those last horrible movies that came out. The fashion was great, and to see the girls back on screen was beyond words, but the story? Please, it was just wrong. It’s a good lesson to see where one needs to stop milking the cash cow. However Sarah Jessica Parker has found a new way to get our attention to focus again on her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah has created her own shoe collection, and is working together with the director behind popular super expensive shoe brand Manolo Blahnik, because when the high heeled shoe fits you have to take action, right?

Carrie wouldn’t have been Carrie if she wasn’t wearing Manolo shoes. She even bought them when she had no money, when she just broke up with somebody or for the photo on the bus. SJP therefore thinks that most people expected her to come up with a shoe collection because of her alter ego. Conveniently forgetting that SJP didn’t come up with the outfits she wore as Carrie, this was the task of Patricia Field, a well known stylist with a very quirky sense of style. (If you have a peek at former work of Patricia you can immediately see that she invented the way Bradshaw looked.) Sarah Jessica Parker did come up with some of her own suggestions, like the golden Carrie necklace, and the opening sequence look. (She didn’t invent the look but she did have a huge say in the matter.) She also said that she had to wear so many shoes during her Carrie days, and learned so much about fashion that she feels that she can really design trendy, hot, and Carrie worthy shoes. Indeed when the high heeled shoe fits, and that person used to play Miss Bradshaw it might be something we’ve all been waiting for.

Sarah Jessica did want to divulge a bit more information about her shoe collection. (Apart from shoes there also will be bags, and trench coats.) One of the things Parker sees as an unique selling point is that they want to combine colors that people normally do not mix. She wants the shoes to be a real addition to your closet, something you want to own immediately. We can’t wait to see what what Sarah Jessica Parker has in store for us, and if Carrie Bradshaw would have approved. It’s a good thing Sarah realized that when the high heeled shoe fits you have to take the opportunity, and share the designs with your loyal fans. Are you excited? Will you check out the SJP shoes?

By Georgina Pijttersen