Heidi Klum 5 Reasons Why She is a Judge in America’s Got Talent

Heidi wants to be surprised, even though she is jaded

Heidi Klum shocking reasons

Heidi Klum wanted to expand her brand. Only fashion was becoming a bit too limited for Miss Klum, and she decided to branch out. Heidi, or The Body if you will, is the new judge for “America’s Got Talent.” She will share this task with Mel B, former scary spice, controversial radio host Howard Stern, and for the much needed comedy touch, Howie Mandel. What were the true reasons for Klum to decide to participate in a non-fashion show? These shocking reasons played a factor for Heidi to become a judge on “America’s Got Talent”:

1.  Heidi wants people to recognize the struggle she has been through, and share her wisdom with them. She has traveled all over the world for 20 years, and she said: ” I have climbed from the bottom up through many different maneuvers …” It seems like Klum wants to share how she did that with the public, and in specific with the contestants on America’s Got Talent. She also feels like she wants to judge people on their abilities, and skills beyond the fashion world. It no longer matters if people can make clothing out of gardening supplies or if beige is the new black.

2. She wants to be surprised. She does admit that she is jaded, and that in order to be original, and new you have to come up with something really exciting. Klum mentioned that she saw a man that could swallow swords while pole dancing. This shocking yet original act would probably have given Heidi plenty ideas for future photo shoots or inspiration for a next season of Germany’s Next Top Model.

3.  Klum wants to be involved in a show where it’s about more than only how you look. When she would go on castings for runway modelling gigs, or photo shoot jobs it would only be about the way she looked. Nothing else mattered. If she fit the bill she would be booked otherwise she could go packing. This might be shocking to some, but for others the reasons behind only judging people on how they look makes sense. A model’s job is to be a clothes hanger, albeit an attractive one of course. If they exude a certain appeal, than that will sell the clothing. They don’t have to open their mouths or be like Heidi a judge on “America’s Got Talent“.

4. Being part of America’s Got Talent meant that Heidi didn’t have to arrange some sort of situation where the contestants have to fly to LA, to be together with her. This happens when she films “Germany’s Next Top Model.” She flies the contestants in to be with her in LA instead of Heidi going to Germany to film it there. Luckily “America’s Got Talent” is filmed in LA so there won’t be any problems with travelling arrangements.

5. The last shocking reason why Heidi Klum wanted to be a judge on “America’s Got Talent” is because she is very qualified to be one. She said: “I look at it as a woman, as a mom, someone who has seen a lot of shows. You know, I think about, “Hey, is this an act that is interesting? Is this something that I want to see again? Did that excite me? Would my children love to watch this?”

For sure all these reasons will be enough for the contestants on the show to get fairly judged by Heidi Klum, and not feel like they will hear Auf Wiedersehen too soon.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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