Santa Monica College Shooter in Custody


A man stood at an intersection outside of Santa Monica College Friday and began shooting aimlessly at passing cars.  The shooter is in custody.

Santa Monica College is a two year learning center with an enrollment of about 34,000 students.  It is located in Santa Monica, California, west of Los
Angeles, and just a couple of miles from the ocean.

The incident began just before noon on Friday.  There are several injuries due to gunshot wounds, a few were reported to be in critical condition.  One of those shot was the alleged shooter, according to Police Sgt. Rudy Flores.

Police continue to search the 38-acre campus of Santa Monica College.  Witnesses reported a second gunman, who they claimed ran into the campus area.  That has been unconfirmed.

Sergeant Flores said that they received calls that a man was standing on a corner shooting randomly at vehicles passing by.  One of them was a bus.  He is in custody, reportedly being treated for gunshot wounds.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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