Vince Vaughn stop making movies

George R.R. Martin should be his new idol

Vince Vaughn stop making movies

It’s that time of year again. Vince Vaughn, and Owen Wilson have created a new movie together and it’s titled “The Internship“. Is it about Vince starting to intern for Owen, because Wilson has such a great job, and Vince lost his? Is it as touching as “The pursuit of happyness“? Will we go through some real change when we watch this movie, and sigh this was great, it really touched me in a profound way? Or will it be so funny that our stomach will hurt after watching this movie? Sadly none of these apply. The Internship is a weak version of “The Wedding Crashers” without the weddings, fun or strong one liners. Vince Vaughn should stop making movies, and reflect upon The Internship. It might be nice, no fuss no muss entertainment, but nowadays we ask for more. We demand funny one liners, some issues to think about, and maybe not such old actors who act like they are old but not as old as they really are. (Which now is painfully apparent in The Internship)

What’s The Internship about, because so far I still don’t have a clue:

The premise is again, that they are imposters. This time no wedded bliss is in jeopardy, but none other than Google. Somehow they get into a process to be accepted for a Google internship. They have no idea how Google works, what is going on with social media, the net, and other hot topics of the past 5 to 10 years. To prove this point even more they are surrounded by the most intelligent, digital advanced youngsters on the planet. Owen, and Vaughn have to compete with this group of young ones, and of course there are the obligatory events: one of the old couple has a fling with a sexy lady, there is a party where the alcohol never stops flowing, and the on screen personalities can’t help it but to form a bond, and try to help each other out. How lovely and totally unexpected. Vince Vaughn should stop a moment and rethink the reasons why he started making movies. Maybe he always wanted to make mediocre movies that never really amounted to anything, but probably he does want to make good movies. (Like”The Wedding Crashers“, now this one is a fun exception.)

Could The Internship have gone beyond what Wilson and Vaughn have created? Did they expect that this movie would do better than, that it will probably do? The Internship could have been about more than just two older guys showcasing their ignorance about the ever changing on line world. They could have made it less predictable, and maybe socially more relevant. It feels like The Internship is a rehash of other movies they have done before, and that they don’t have that many one liners to spice up the familiar story. Maybe they should have taken a page out of one of the books from author George R.R. Martin, the author responsible for Game of Thrones, George doesn’t want his public to sit back and be comfortable. He wants us to be scared, he wants us not to feel like the main characters will survive every situation, and come out on top. Maybe this could have been a fresh hook for The Internship as well. (Minus the killing, drama or Fantasy of course, but it’s about this idea to do the unexpected.) Vince Vaughn should take a break, stop making movies for now, and rethink how to make the next comedy fresh, surprising and real fun!

By Georgina Pijttersen


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