Tony Awards does not acknowledge crisis

Tony Awards on cloud nine not in the real world

Tony Awards crisis

This Sunday the Tony Awards will be given away to the best, and brightest that Broadway has to offer. The show will be held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, and some great presenters will try to give this party a more inviting, and relatable atmosphere. Megan Hilty, Smash, Matthew Morrison of Glee, Audra McDonald, five-time Tony winner, and many others will help out host Neil Patrick Harris. (You know Barney from How I met your mother.) They will, for sure, create a marvelous show in order for you, me and the cat to like it as well. However do the people behind the Tony Awards live in the real world? They seem to hide out on cloud nine, thinking that the public is interested to see shows that we really can’t afford. Why would we want to see a whole show about Broadway spectacles we have not seen due to the financial situation we are all in. It seems like the Tony Awards does not acknowledge that the financial crisis exists.

To spice the Tony Award experience up a bit, several websites have added some games to the mix. For example you can fill out a Tony ballot. (Who are your favorites, and who will win for sure?) You can download a bingo card, and play bingo with the Tony awards. It might be like one Twitter user mentioned: “Aaannnd Tony Awards bingo has now been added to the Tony festivities that I will be participating in alone.” Giving the impression, like so many of us experience, that this whole ceremony is for people who love Broadway, but might not be able to afford it this year. Ruby Ramone explained on Twitter: “I watch the Tony Awards because I feel that the one musical I saw on Broadway deems me a New York theater connoisseur.” It surely is for the lovers of musicals, and movies made into musicals or the opposite. Nowadays that’s a good thing, because then you at least have a clue what the Tony Awards are all about because in reality we weren’t able to actually see them all. Hopefully soon Broadway will acknowledge the crisis, and does not let us stand out in the cold on the curb any longer.

Katie Couric is feeling the whole vibe already, and gave a shout out to the Tony show. She said: “Giving my regards to old Broadway with some of the summer’s biggest stage stars!” Neil Patrick Harris will be on her show talking about the Tony’s, turning forty, his two-year old twins, and that he is going to host the Emmy’s in addition to Sunday night’s Tony Awards. (Of course this wasn’t mentioned by Katie yet, because they need you to watch the show.) In Neil Patrick Harris own words on twitter: “@ActuallyHPH is hosting the Tony’s and the Emmy’s! double yay!” Look at me. Pulling the Bi-fecta.”

What are you going to do this Sunday? Will you be partaking in the Bingo event by yourself, do a drinking game because you find the show too boring or have you filled out your ballot yet? Do you agree that the Tony Awards does not acknowledge the financial crisis or is that their job? Should we live in a fairy Broadway world at least for a little while.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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