Justin Bieber snubbed NASA supersonic, rocket-power launch

Justin Bieber will be a future astronaut

Justin Bieber in space

Justin Bieber has been approached by NASA to be involved in their new supersonic, rocket-power launch.
 In February Bieber tweeted: “I wanna do a concert in space.” to which NASA retweeted: ” Maybe we can help you with that.” Apparently Justin didn’t feel like NASA would be the right choice, snubbed them, and skipped on over to Richard Branson instead. (Branson is the billionaire founder of among other Virgin airlines. He founded Virgin Galactic in 2004.) Sir Branson tweeted earlier that Justin and his agent, Scooter Braun, have signed up for a suborbital spaceflight: “Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts,” Branson ended with “Congrats, see you up there!” Justin had a somewhat distant reaction to that by simply retweeting Branson’s statement.

If you would like to join Bieber how much would that set you back?

The Flight with the Virgin Galatic SpaceShipTwo rocket plane would have cost us &200.000 before but the recently added $50.000. Surely for Justin this isn’t a fare that he can’t cough up but for us mere mortals it might be slightly less affordable. (However hasn’t that always been the case? Just when the first steamboat was put to sea most normal folks couldn’t afford to be on it or when the planes started to really take flight most mortals stayed on the ground, looking up. When the low cost airlines were introduced then it became accessible on a large scale for mass consumption. Hopefully this will happen to this supersonic, rocket-power flight as well. We don’t want to be snubbed by NASA or Sir Branson. However first things first, let’s wait for Justin Bieber’s launch into space first.)

Apart from experiencing the same as Justin high in space, what is that experience exactly?

The Virgin Galatic SpaceShipTwo supersonic rocket power plane is supposed to launch Bieber and Braun beyond 62 miles altitude. (A 100 kilometers.) This specific altitude marks the internationaly accepted boundary of outer space. When Justin is that far up in the sky he will feel a few minutes of weightlessness, get a glimpse of Earth under a darkened sky and experience a ride that would rival it’s counterpart in Disneyland; Space Mountain. It would be just as supersonic, rocket-powered stomach turning, let me off this ride feeling while being in actual space. (It shouldn’t be snubbed.) NASA might have to offer Justin his concert in the end because Sir Branson certainly seems to have won Bieber over.

What does Virgin actually stand for? Is it about Virgin territory or it was just catchy? Sir Branson had a great explanation for that: “What does the name Virgin mean? We are a company that likes to take on the giants. In too many businesses, these giants have had things their own way. We are going to have fun competing with them.”

He also added: 

“To be successful, you have to be out there, you have to hit the ground running, and if you have a good team around you and more than a fair share of luck, you might make something happen. But you certainly can’t guarantee it just by following someone else’s formula.” That’s why he gave NASA a run for their money, Justin snubbed the giant and opted for the smaller but equally supersonic, rocket power fuelled launch by The Virgin Galatic SpaceShipTwo. Bon voyage!

By Georgina Pijttersen

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