Mother and Baby Killed by Oklahoma Tornadoes

Mother and Baby Killed by Oklahoma Tornadoes
Killer Tornadoes in Oklahoma struck Friday in Central Oklahoma, killing five people and threatening residents of Oklahoma City and its suburbs, Moore.  Victims included a mother and her baby.  The storm system raged northeast on Saturday morning, heading for the neighboring states of Illinois and Missouri.  (Reuters).  Governor Jay Nixon had declared a state of emergency on Friday.

The tornadoes struck just 11 days after a twister ranked as EF5, the most powerful ranking possible, tore through Moore and killed 24 people.

The mother and baby had been traveling on Interstate 40, just west of Oklahoma City, when their storm raised the vehicle dragged out of it, according a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Betsy Randolph,.  Drivers on the interstate were subject to multiple crashes and injuries by the storm.  The storm tipped over trucks, flung hay bales in the air, downed power lines and attacked cars.  The interstate was closed.  3 inches of rain stranded motorists in flooding water. They had in conceivably tried to flee the storm in autos.  The danger was greatest for motorists on freeways in the twister’s path.

The reactions of people to the storm created the most peril from the killer tornadoes…
The killer tornadoes swept over interstate 70 between St. Louis and Charles County, overturning semi dash trailers, according to Brett Lord -Castillo, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Emergency Management Agency.

Tim Oram, a, meteorologist for the National Weather Service, said officials didn’t know exactly how many tornadoes had touched down.  Three major thunderstorms with tornado potential had moved through the center of the state.

Two of the victims lived in rural areas of Oklahoma City, including Union City and EL Reno. The suburb of Norman was also menaced by the storm system.

The Oklahoma health system stated that over 40 people were being treated for injuries related to the storm.  Five were in critical condition including, a child.

Meteorologists had earlier declared a tornado emergency for parts of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  They had posted a tornado warning for Moore.

Shocked victims were burying children.

Even as the service listed the tornado warning for Oklahoma City and nearby areas, flash floods inundated parts of the metropolitan area, where more than 1.3 million people live. 200,000 customers were without power in Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois.

Rescuer workers suffered injuries as well.

There were severe thunderstorm warnings extending from Minnesota and Michigan to Arkansas. Forecasters said overnight storms overnight could incite several more intense tornadoes, as well as hail up to 4 inches in diameter and wind gusts at 80 mph.

A funnel cloud was spotted near Will Rogers world Airport.  It could full attention we become a tornado.  Tornado warnings were in effect in many counties of Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin…
Forecasters fear that much of the Midwest, which has already been pummeled by a week of tornadoes and floods, had another round of violent weather approaching overnight and into the weekend.

Oklahoma officials will be assessing the damage at daybreak.

Residents in the central part of the country may face a tornado-stricken summer,
most threatened by killer tornadoes.

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