Myspace Making a Comeback? [Video]


my-space-2-of-23When I was sent a link to a MySpace article I was like “Wha?!” Then I realized they have been updating their site for a while, but have allowed people to login to the old MySpace. It was maybe two months ago or so that I logged in last. With the capability to link your Twitter account a year or so ago. I haven’t been on MySpace because anything I posted on Twitter automatically went to MySpace.

Attracting 31 million unique visitors in the two weeks. Their strategy, according to MySpace, is working. In the first 14 days since removing the beta label, MySpace has attracted 31 million unique visitors, with 34 percent of traffic coming from mobile. The company’s iPhone application was downloaded or updated 995,000 times in the same two-week period.

New MySpace also seems to be a regular topic of conversation on Twitter. MySpace was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter on June 12, 13, 15, and 20, the company said, and brand sentiment has been about 80 percent positive. A MySpace commercial that aired during the premiere of MTV’s “Catfish” spawned 54,000 Twitter mentions of MySpace during the spot and drove an hour-over-hour tripling of app downloads and signups, MySpace said in a press release.

I decided to login to check out what MySpace has now to offer. Well, I thought I had signed up for the new MySpace before became live as new. Well guess they deleted not only my new account but also my old ancient account because none of my emails worked. So, I thought, I tried to sign up, again. Now that you can sign up via Facebook or Twitter, I signed up via my Facebook I use for my writing and not my personal. Well, that was exciting seeing that my username was taken. Who else has my First MI and Last name? I guess I still did have a login just was different than I thought.

I agreed to their terms of service, which like most didn’t read. I remember seeing this new look and went back to the old because it looked well different. I went over to settings to see the changes. Now that MySpace is for creators and musicians, they have an Account Type. I selected my “type.” I tried to find people I knew via Facebook, nothing it said oops something went wrong. What I discovered when looking for friends via Facebook and Twitter other then it oopsing on me was when Twitter came up with no one who had a “new” MySpace profile. So I went to people to see who was my friends. Dang I have a lot, couldn’t figure out the connecting disconnecting thing for a moment after I unfriended a few people. Instead of the up and down to look at friends the right and left thing was different. Will I get used to this new MySpace? I kept on going. So many friends whom I don’t talk to no more and so many I didn’t delete that I should have, but I kept them all. I was on to see what other things the new MySpace had for me.

The stream was again right to left and not up and down. I missed notifications at the top being they are now at the bottom it again was new and through me off a bit. They have a new Mix that you can create within Insight. I just over to my profile a button near the notifications, it’s your name you click on it.

The new MySpace was slow at times. Bio and contact were a bit off when trying to impute information. Clicking discover you see news, songs, and videos on the Welcome page then you had the option of Featured, People, Music, Mixes, Videos, and Radio. I will have to play with this a bit more, but maybe it will keep me more entertained then Google+.

If you haven’t tested out the new MySpace go and do so and let me know what you think of the new look. Is MySpace making a comeback?

By: Forrest L. Rawls


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