NBA Finals Why Spurs Will Beat Heat (Poll)

Despite being underdogs in the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs will beat the Heat.
Despite being underdogs in the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs will beat the Heat.

The Miami Heat just finished a grueling series against the Indiana Pacers, and now face an even tougher task in the NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs have looked dominant to this point in the playoffs and look to carry their momentum into the NBA Finals and beat the Heat. Miami on the other hand will be looking to complete a rare repeat as champions should they be able to overcome the Spurs in the series.

The San Antonio Spurs have looked too good to come up short in the NBA Finals and their quest to beat the Heat. Although they played second fiddle to their new opponent all season, they come into the series looking more like a favorite than an underdog despite Las Vegas placing the odds in a significantly opposite direction. Throwing money on the ‘underdog’ Spurs certainly looks like smart money if you’re betting on the series, and could potentially pay off nicely.

Many reasons exist as to why the Spurs can win this series, and keep reading to see for yourself why the NBA Finals will see the Spurs beat the heat and Tim Duncan earn his astonishing fifth NBA title.

Tim Duncan has turned back the clock at age 37 this post season, closing in on the all time record for double doubles in the playoffs. He is also hoping to win a fifth NBA title for himself. The Spurs are a team that knows how to win in the playoffs, having made the postseason each of the past sixteen years.

Experience is the most important factor that the Spurs have working for them. All of the aforementioned playoff experience, paired with the best coach in basketball, and a successful road record makes the Spurs a formidable opponent for the Heat should they advance.

Tony Parker is just the guard that can defeat the pressure defense of Miami. He has too much experience to get overwhelmed or surprised by any wrinkles that the Heat throw at him. Plain and simple, he won’t turn the ball over with the spotlight on his team.

Inside Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter have the ability to dominate the Heat and control the game from within. Duncan is the catalyst on this team, if the Heat were to allow him to get going, there is almost no way he will let them repeat as champions. Duncan is playing like a man on a mission, and looks to be on his way to an astonishing fifth championship.

Although the Miami Heat have looked to be far and away the most dominant team in the NBA for the past two seasons, they do have some holes that quality opponents like the  San Antonio Spurs will be able to capitalize on. The Indiana Pacers competed with the Heat, taking them to the brink of elimination, preventing them from winning back to back games at any point in the seven game set. The success they found against the defending champions should provide the Spurs have been given a blueprint to follow and could use that to score an upset of its own by beating the Heat and winning the NBA Finals.

How do you think this series will play out? Vote below and see what the people say will happen in the Finals.

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